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By rhian l

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  1. It’s really annoying seeing the TT tags up for sale on certain sites! I’m sure most people would love to get there hands on one and keep it on there bags with pride , I know I would keep it on my bag with pride if and when I receive one. It’s a shame people are trying to make a quick quid of the back of titleist, Especially when they have been picked for the lucky few that receive them. It’s a great touch and should be appreciated more.

  2. Rhian,
    Perfectly understandable reaction...
    Similarly, there is (or maybe was by now!) a Team Titleist ball marker on eBay for £51 + £3.95 p&p - My reaction is that it's pretty disgraceful behaviour.
  3. Madhatter


    Each to their own I suppose, I have the old red square tag, sure I would love the new round one but Ill just have to wait and see what happens. As Dale suggested I have the TT logo embroidered on both my cart bag and my winter carry bag.

  4. AAsh


    How much is the team titleist embroidery on a stand bag ?
  5. richard f

    richard f

    Yer I’ve seen the tags and ball markers on eBay aswell , up for sale at high prices and some have even got reserve not met
  6. 100% agree with you Never sell a gift unless times are real hard.
  7. I agree see them up all the time would love one myself mate
  8. What's the point in getting on and then selling it on instantly just to turn a quick profit. But the people who pay the prices that the bag tags are overed at are only fuelling the market
  9. I got that ball marker when I purchased a dozen TT logo'd TruFeel balls.

    I couldn't believe people would pay 5 odd quid for it. I guess if people are willing to pay other the odd then this will continue to happen.

    I would never let mine go.
  10. Andym076


    Money talks in this day n age, prices they r selling for could help out families in need

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