New bag, but which one?

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By PBennett

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  1. Guys

    Ive just noticed that my Sun Mountain cart bag (H2NO) has got a large split in it, therefore Im after a new bag.

    What are your thought on buying a premium carry bag and using it on a trolley, so, if need be I could carry against a mid sized staff bag (difficult to carry??). I guess both bags are water resistant to a point.



  2. I have the Club 14 cart bag and also the players 4 plus Stadry carry bag and I actually find the carry bag sits better on my trolley than the cart bag... makes no sense. I found the cart bag to always lean and twist whereas the acrry bag sits perfect, and its waterproof. I cant see myself using the cart bag anymore to be honest, everything is just easier with the stand bag.
  3. Personally I have just ordered a mid staff as my stand bag didn’t fit so well on powakaddy
    I was also beginning to ache after a while carrying

    I used my mates mid staff the other day as we did 36 holes and what a difference

    Mid staff looks great fits perfect and I play much better without lumping a carry bag

    I’m also looking forward to having the bag packed with what ever I need and leaving it in place as weight won’t be a isssue

    You won’t get me carrying again
  4. richard f

    richard f

    The stadry bag I have has a small section shaped into the bottom, so it sits perfectly on trolleys and can’t twist to the side , and the 14 way divider separates the clubs just nice , then it’s waterproof too , so personally I’d say get one of them
  5. You’ve sold it for me!
  6. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    I’ve just ordered the new Premium Stadry Tour bag, I did buy the new 2020 Tour bag but I’ve just sold it as the stadry bag will go better on my Motocaddy.
    I had the mid-sized bag for a month last year but found the top too small for my clubs, the 14 way club divider is a better option for me.

    The Titleist carry bags sit ok on the Motocaddy as they have a cut-out on the base to stop the bag twisting and the Velcro fastener locks the legs in place.

  7. Mid staff all day long for me
  8. I've got a Hybrid 14 which sits OK on the trolley but I feel the bats - which are set up well for carrying - are in the wrong order on the trolley, so I feel the need to move them round a bit.
    I've have a stand and a cart StaDry in the loft and they are fabulous, with loads of pockets, keep the rain out and weigh the same as a handkerchief - great for taking abroad. The cart version also has the trolley slot in the base which stops the bag from twisting.
    The new StaDry 15 Cart looks the business and I think that's the one I'll be getting for my birthday.
  9. Thanks for the recommendations guys, Ive bought a Mid Sized staff bag. It looks great and sits on the trolley nicely.


    Post Image
  10. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    PBennett said:

    Thanks for the recommendations guys, Ive bought a Mid Sized staff bag. It looks great and sits on the trolley nicely.


    Post Image

    Thats looks absolutely superb, Christ I’ve an office full of Titleist bags and now I’m tempted to get another lol.
  11. PBennett said:

    Thanks for the recommendations guys, Ive bought a Mid Sized staff bag. It looks great and sits on the trolley nicely.


    Post Image

    That set up looks class, so tempted to buy the stand bag in this colour :)
  12. jamesies


    Hi Phil,

    Any chance you could share a photo of the bag sitting on the trolley? I am contemplating getting a new bag too and was holding off for the midsize staff, but I am not sure how it'll fit on my Powakaddy C2.

  13. There you go

    Post Image
  14. jamesies


    Thanks Phil, looks great! cheers
  15. SAnderson


    That looks great on a trolley, are there plenty pockets and are they accessible?
  16. Hi

    in answer to your question. Yes there are loads of pockets, full length fronts are quite tight, but aren't all staff bags? I like this though as my Sun Mountain trolley bag, when stuff was in the pockets it became very wide and ugly.

    Accessibilitywise - On a Powakaddy the rear gear pocket and valuable pocket are difficult to get into because of the bar on the Powakaddy.

    On my Stewart Golf push trolley, that bar isn't there, so accessibility id no problem.


  17. HI Phil,

    Do you ever put the bag side on the trolley. Only lose the 1 pocket at the side then?
  18. I haven't as yet Craig as Ive just got it, but Ive just put the hood and strap in the back part out of the way, The two back long zipper pockets are easy to get to, so no problems there.

    All zippers at the back access the whole of the back storage area apart from the valuables pocket, so it really isn't an issue TBH.

    Its a nice bag.

  19. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    It’s not a problem with the new Motocaddy trolleys as their design is much better and gives access to all the pockets of any bag.
  20. Chris M

    Chris M

    I prefer the light 4up stadry bags
    very light to carry and also suitable on the cart...

    as most of the time carrying and having back problems, this is the greatest to me

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