New bags - zips??

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By SAnderson

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  1. SAnderson


    Has anyone got one of the new 2020 release bags?

    I’m keen to get a mid-size staff bag but want to know if the zips are better quality than previous years?

    I think I’ve replaced every zip on my 3-4 year old staff stand bag and even after Titleist sent me replacements, those broke after a couple of months.

  2. That's unlucky - I've had six Titleist bags and no zip issues to date.
    Maybe I've been blessed with left-hand-friendly zips???
  3. SAnderson


    I think you got lucky. I definitely wasn’t alone with zip issues
  4. Simon s

    Simon s
    St leonards on sea, East Sussex

    I’ve got it and the zips are all different from previous versions. They seem more robust as well.

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