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By rhian l

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  1. So I’ve just ordered the titleist alignment stick covers, and whist I was waiting for them to be back in stock I ordered some alignment sticks (some cheap ones £7,99 )

    I’m not impressed with them extremely thin and not even straight. Do titleist do the sticks? I can see plenty of the covers available bit no sticks?


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  2. James Harris

    James Harris
    Essex, 0

    Vokey has some but I think Titleist only do them for give aways etc. I think you got some if you bought the full package of Tour Bag, Headcovers and Alignment stick cover.
  3. Hi James
    Where did you them to ? I can’t seem to find them
  4. There's loads of decent alignment sticks. I bought Tour sticks because they were wrapped in checkerboard finish and looked cool in my opinion.
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