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By Simon Worsfold Peterborough

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  1. Afternoon all.

    Just wanted to give you all some insight into a fitting session with Titleist at St Ives fitting centre.

    So in my mind I’ve always been wondering about getting fitted for a driver and 3 wood and going into a fitting room with a blank mind and opening myself to all sorts of different lofts shafts head sizes etc.

    So the day come when I travelled from Peterborough to St ives ( around 30 mins away ) and arrived at St Ives GC with plenty of time.

    I was warmly welcomed on arrive by Daniel Friend who had also been talking to me by email over the past few weeks.

    We had a brief chat about my golf etc and asked me to warm up with some irons. At this point I got handed a T100 PW and a 7 iron and hit around 20/30 balls.

    We then got together and started talking about what I had in the bag and 915 D2 10.5 and a 917 F2 16.5 Stiff shafts.

    So we started playing with the TS2 & TS3 drivers and different shafts.

    After around 10 balls we had a chat and change shafts to one which to my surprise started working straight away... what surprised me was that the shaft was half inch shorter ! Now I’m 5Ft 11 and was thinking ? Shorter shaft? Ok!

    WOW! What a difference, 1 after another the flight ( max apex 82 ) the ball speed 151mph the dispersion was closer as well. So after all that I was like I need that in the bag. . Also went though the same process with the 3 wood and hybrid, and also was very well surpassed. So my sheet looked like this.

    Fitted for:

    TS3 9.5 Aldila Rogue Max 65, Flex: Stiff, Length: Mens -1/2", Grip: - Tour Velvet 360º White Flat Cap, Grip Size: +2 layers, Setting: C3, CG Weight: TS3 Standard Draw.

    TS3, Composition: 15°, Shaft: Aldila Rogue Max 75, Flex: Stiff, Length: Mens -1/2", Grip: - Tour Velvet 360º White Flat Cap, Grip Size: +2 layers, Setting: D4, CG Weight: TS3 Standard Neutral,

    TS2, Composition: 19°, Shaft: Aldila Rogue Max 85H, Flex: Stiff, Length: Mens Std, Grip: - Tour Velvet 360º White Flat Cap, Grip Size: +2 layers, Setting: C2, CG Weight: Standard Weight,

    Over all a fantastic experience and recommend all TT Fans to try and get to a Titleist fitting centre and get fitted correctly.

    Thank again Titleist for taking the time to find me the right products.

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  2. Hi I went last year to St Ives for TS2 fitting and fairway wood/ hybrid
    Daniel fitted me for all three and experience was brilliant -he is so good at knowing what works .i too got half inch shorter shaft and it has transformed accuracy of driving -I have always pulled all hybrids so never used one at all .Daniel fitted me for flat lie angle and hey presto new distance club for par 5 and long par threes
    He is brilliant!!
    Well worth getting done and will be booking a place to sort out my new irons
  3. Simon, Thanks for sharing your experience on here. Everybody who goes to the National Centre loves it.
    I've always used a Titleist Advanced Fitting Partner plus demo/fitting days but have always enjoyed the experience, much as you have. Your comment on shaft length struck a chord... I've been mulling over shorter shafts for some time. (Mentioned it on a thread on TT about New Gear for 2020) I'm not as tall as you but have felt for a while that I'm losing control due to shaft length. In the distant past, when drivers had steel shafts, I used to find the fairway all the time with better than average distance. Now, as the shafts have become longer and longer, I have become more and more erratic. I put a 3 wood shaft into my last driver, which got control back into reasonable bounds but for the TS3, I was seduced by the potential extra distance.
    I've bitten the bullet and booked a fresh fitting session with the aim of revisiting the shaft situation. No point in going longer if I don't know where my AVX is going to end up!!
  4. It’s amazing what half a inch can do for you of the tee.

    I was so surprised, you always here about being shorter in the body or long in the arm is the main reason for the shortening of the shaft.

    What I did notice which was me more than the club I was getting the club head trapped behind me so I couldn’t really get the club head square on impact.

    Overall it was a eye open and rebooked in March for wedges ( SM8’s ).

    My partner maybe looking into divorce proceedings
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Great article and feedback...

    I was fitted at St Ives for driver and 3 wood as part of the TS launch although I only went with the TS2 3 wood, again 1/2 inch shorter than standard (yet my 5 wood is standard), as the Driver didn't give me anything over my 917.

    What you didn't mention, and I'm sure you used, was the choice of ball which I think also helped with the fitting as using your regular ball gave feedback on the ball flight which is something you don't get with the Titleist Thursdays where it's always been range balls of varying quality and some with restricted distance.

    Enjoy the clubs and let us know how you get on.

  6. Yeah good point I did use pro v’s in the fitting.
  7. richard f

    richard f

    Good to see you’ve really benefited from going

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