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By aOvery

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  1. Hi , does anyone know if there are delays or are waiting for delivery of Scotty Cameron Phantom putter ? Not moaning but just interested if there are delays ? Ordered on 20th January and never had to wait longer than 7 days for any Titleist delivery . As I said just interested as my putting needs some improvement and the Phantom 5.5x I ordered looks like it will go some way to helping Andrew

  2. Hi Andrew, where did you order from? I'll have a look for you
  3. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Mine took a few months lol but that was when they were first released. Brilliant putter, worth the wait.
  4. My mate just ordered a 5.5 from AG
    Ordered Wednesday and he is picking it up today
    But that may have been in the warehouse at AG

  5. Declan -that’s why I am getting impatient!! It felt so solid on the three four footers which is my weakness
    Balance and stability were brilliant -hopefully cut couple of shots per round
  6. Hi Luke ,
    American Golf Milton Keynes
    As I said not really a big issue just I am like a kid at Christmas!!
    I used to be patient!!
    Thanks very much for your help
  7. Hi Andrew, looks like I'll need a purchase order number for the store to find this one. If you manage to get this from the store can you email it into
  8. Ok will do
    Thanks very much for your help as always
  9. Hi Luke thanks for trying to chase
    I phoned AG milton keynes to get number and they said there is very good chance delivery Thursday !!
    Thanks for your help as always -you look after Team Titleist members!!
    So hopefully this week in time for practice at weekend
  10. Hi Luke ,
    Just to let you know the putter did indeed arrive yesterday so I am very happy now
    With the storm at the weekend -all I can do is indoor putting practice!!
  11. Nice one! Enjoy!
  12. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Nice one, you’ll love this putter
  13. It looks lovely and works very well on the living room carpet!!
    Just got to wait for courses to be open again to give it proper try

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