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By rhian l

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  1. So got a 4 ball booked in this Wednesday 6hc 12hc 16hc and and 23Hc

    No one likes stableford with the bandit of 23 as he usually hits mid to high 40s

    Any suggestions on different formats? I’ve only ever played stablefor or medal

    Somethings that will keep it interesting between the 4 varied hC

  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Why not do a six hole pairs match-play so you each get to play with the bandit for 6 holes. Winner is the one with most points (1 for a win 1/2 point draw) and/or most holes won.

    Skins, always a laugh on the next when no one wins 3 skins...

    Let us know what you play and the result.


  3. What about 4 all better ball match play -6 hcp and 23 hcp vs 12 and 16 hcp so effectively you have met 28 hcp vs net 29 hcp ?
    Can’t be much more even than that?

  4. richard f

    richard f

    You could play skins
  5. TFisher

    Cardiff, Wales

    We play best stableford score for every three holes and skins for each hole rolling over if no outright skin wins as well as nearest pin on all par 3's,
  6. Some great ideas
    Thank you
  7. If the 23hc usually scores mid to high 40's then why is he off 23?
  8. AAsh


    Off 23 handicap he must play with clubs not made by titleist !
  9. It’s always a debating topic! To be fair to him he wants nothing more to win in comps, and get his name on a board.
    He hates playing bad.
    However he just alway performs really bad in comps, maybe nerves maybe as he doesn’t play that many! Maybe that little bit further back off the whites!
    However in a relaxed atmosphere I.e no comps he does play very well most of the time, not amazing still a HC but make pars and the odd birdie!
    Given he is more than Cable of pars and birdies if he manages this on a few holes where he has 2 shots, well that’s when he starts shooting in the 40,s
  10. We have recenlty had a 4ball open competition of which was played in pairs called triple 6, so this is the first 6 holes better ball, second 6 alternative shots, third 6 holes both scores count. Throw the balls up and get 2 pairs for a bit of matchplay. perhpas as its a "friendly" and to take some pressure off the lowest handicap, play each 6 as stableford points on the standard card....just a idea, it worked well in our competiton and the feedback was good as its a bit of all formats
  11. Chris M

    Chris M

    skins is always a great format!

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