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By Adam H

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  1. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    Had Nick from Titleist at our club today for what he said was his first fitting of the new Special Select series outside of the Tour and US.

    Wow! Leant a lot about the clubs, the engineering or them and why that had been done, but I was more impressed that he also really helped me with my own alignment and stroke.

    Really enjoyed the process and got fitted into a Newport 2 Squareback. Told our pro’s to get it ordered!! Roll on March 27th (although I’m praying it turns up a day early as I’m playing Hillside on the 27th and would love to have it in the bag).

    Nick is a credit to you, lovely guy, really easy to work with and explains everything extremely well.


  2. Adam,
    I use an M2 Select Newport2, but I've always thought of it as being the forerunner of the Squareback.
    Given the option now, I'd probs be drawn to the Squareback, which seems to have a better balance for me.
    To get it properly fitted by Titleist putter guru is the stuff of dreams.
    I'm positive you'll enjoy it (and the fabulous Hillside - I assume you are getting last knockings at winter rates?)

  3. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    And so the day I was hoping to get my new putter has arrived. Unfortunately several days after lockdown, so the pro shop is closed.

    Still, staying home, staying safe, new putter will still be there at the end of all this.

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