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By rhian l

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  1. Anyone just bought new goodies and can’t use them? I just bought a new ts2 hybrid and fairway Can’t wait to use them when this is over

    What have you bought that’s currently in lock down? Or didn’t see any use to the prior torrential rain and winds

  2. Aaron


    Just picked up the new players carbon bag and trying to persuade myself to buy a new putter ha ha. Hopefully all this clears up soon so we can get back out . Stay safe dude
  3. TT Member

    TT Member
    Hertfordshire, UK

    A TS4 driver, Garmin Z80 Rangefinder and a 2020 Stadry Cart bag and 2020 Stadry Stand bag.

    All sat in my spare bedroom waiting to get out on the course!
  4. Paul Y

    Paul Y

    just got a TS2 fairway - only got to use it once before lockdown - early days but seemed easier off the fairway compared to previous (TM) larger headed 3W so looking forward to being closer to a few par 3 greens with my 2nd/3rd shot when we can get out again
  5. just bought 2 wedges SM8 (52 and 56) ....had a quick go in the garden net, love the look of them already!
  6. Just ordered a set of T100S irons (3 - PW) but not sure when they'll be arriving.

    Stay safe
  7. richard f

    richard f

    Got an sm8 on order , hard to say when it will arrive under the circumstances
  8. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    I have not bought any goodies but I did re-grip my driver, 3 wood and hybrid yesterday, with Titleist M580 grips.
  9. Steven C

    Steven C

    Ordered SM8 50 and 54 wedges just before restrictions on movement kicked in. Don’t know when I’ll be able to pick them up and use them. I’m really going to appreciate my next round of golf when it comes!
  10. ian e

    ian e

    Earlier this year decided to purchase a Precision Pro NX9 HD range finder, before it arrived the rain started and never stopped, flooded courses all closed, know Coronavirus all courses closed, will I ever get to use it. ?
  11. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    Thought I would have a clear out of my golf cupboard and sort out a few things that I had used in ages.

    This is part of what I found, so I probably don't need any more goodies at the moment or that what the wife might say

    I found I had 5 Titleist golf towels plus I have one on each golf bags
  12. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Hahaha love this.. if we can’t play let’s just buy near gear .

    I’ve only updated my Wardrobe! New FJ tops and a few new Titleist hats.
  13. 2 wedges that haven’t been used on a course but make me practice the worst part of my game (chipping) in my back garden
  14. Peter C

    Peter C
    Bedfordshire, UK

    I haven’t bought them yet but got fitted late last year for a TS3 driver and fairway. I’ve been holding off buying but might put an order through our club pro once we’re free to play again. I’ll happily grab some balls and gloves from them too to support our club pro coming out of the hard times. It’s going to really hurt their business.
  15. New Titleist practice ball bag. Pissing it down when you could play and boiling hot when your not aloud on the course lol UK weather really knows how to kick ya when your down.
    Post Image
  16. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    I’m not the only one then...
    Treated myself to a TMB 3 iron, titleist valuables pouch and a brolly (for when the Scottish summer comes!)

    Take care all
  17. Raphael M

    Raphael M
    Vienna, Austria

    Got my new Vokey SM8 wedges just before the lockdown, played with them maybe once or twice and then the lockdown happened. :-/

  18. Pete K

    Pete K

    I went for a full wedge fitting just before the C-19 crisis worsened, I was praying my order would go through so I could use them in the garden during lockdown but must've been just a day late in placing the order. Pretty sure my SM8's are sitting half-built on a club-technician's workbench at Titleist, ready to be finished off when we emerge! -So frustrating / agonising! But it is giving me something to look forward to!

  19. Aiming for a wedge fitting when things open up again.
    Picked up a new paddy's day bag that hasn't been outside yet. lots of small bits and pieces, pivots, and a towel. Today a new scotty tag arrived in the post to give me lockdown joy :-) I repeat to myself stop looking at things to buy … I've been practicing in my net with a set of 690 cb's I picked up and refurbished while my TMB 6 iron was waiting replacement. I'm slowly falling in love with the old bats :-)
    Post Image
    Post Image
  20. JG14VER

    Belfast, Northern Ireland

    My new CB irons arrived yesterday and a white leather 2020 headcover. Hopefully its not long before they are out on the golf course.
  21. TS3 Fairway, TS3 Hybrid and a U510 2 iron...........i can't wait to get out there and try them out properly
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