New Vokey Rust Spot

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By Coljenks

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  1. Looking for some advice, this is a brand new wedge played two rounds with it. I didn’t think a new club should be so susceptible to rust so early. The last round was raining but I wiped down the club after use.

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  2. I always wash & dry well after a wet round on the course. You sure you didn't buy a raw vokey?
  3. No lol, they are tour chrome. That’s why I didn’t want Raw mate. Not a fan of the rust look even if it improves the spin.

    But I certainly dryed them prior to putting them back in the bag. Just wondering if it could be a blemish.
  4. Hopefully this will spark one of the members to reply and you will get the answers.
  5. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Another thing to watch out for is fertilizer on the course. This time of year many courses are using the granulated fertilizer and just one little piece will quickly cause rust. Those little boogers are real bad about getting into the putter covers so watch out. I would use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad to remove the spot and WD-40 after to prevent reoccurance.
  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    You're spot on - excuse the pun.

    Our greens have been fed recently but luckily its been dry when I've played, but previously the putter has had similar rust spots.

    Key is not to use anything abrasive to remove that rust as you'll just create a scratch in the surface.


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