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By SMunro

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  1. Hi guys, having had titleist bags for nigh on 30yrs with only zip pull failing on 2017 staff bag which titleist generously sorted out for me, after 3 weeks of light use, ball pouch zip for above bag lost one of its teeth and now doesn’t work. Will send back to pro shop tomorrow as fully confident in customer service considering 90% of bag content over the years has been Titleist and probably kept local pro solvent over years, however thought Titleist had sorted out reoccurring zip issues with their bags noting that rubber zip pulls were changed to metal for this release. Luckily got staff stand bag as back up. Any similar stories? Quite disappointed as bag looks amazing and found Titleist/ vokey/ scotty Cameron exceptional products.

  2. Sorry you have had some problems with your bag - I appreciate the frustration it causes.
    I guess I must have been lucky. I've had a few Titleist bags and still have 3 in regular use - the original StaDry stand bag, a first issue StaDry Cart bag and a Hybrid 14 (the one in the picture). That's at least 20 zips if you include the hoods. Not had any issues to date. Perhaps the waterproof zips make a difference...
  3. Thanks JT. Just heard many issues with zips on recen5 bags which I though new zip pulls had addressed which was pleased to see. Wasn’t meant to be a rant as Titleist my club of choice, more disappointment. Aware titleist will sort out as best warranty in business however just a bit of feedback To Titleist more than anything + hope when replaced no repeat.

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