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By Tosh.

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  1. Tosh.


    So I was at the range last night with a bucket of balls trying to sort out my swing as my tee shots have been going anywhere recently and the bucket of balls were going left and right, then I saw a flyer for lesson 6 for the price of 5 well after getting fitted for my driver last year and upgrading my old sm5’s for sm7’s and my ap1’s for t200’s I thought my next best purchase will be this and learn how to use them......I start next Friday and I’ve got worse nerves already than on the first tee in my clubs wee open. Lol.........

  2. Tosh,
    Far be it for me to be pass-remarkable, but could it be possible that, like announcing prize winners, you've done things in reverse order?
  3. Tosh.



    Far be it for me to be pass-remarkable, but could it be possible that, like announcing prize winners, you've done things in reverse order?

  4. Peter C

    Peter C
    Bedfordshire, UK

    Your pro will have seen all manner of swings so won’t be making any judgements.
    Get the fundamentals right ( Grip, Aim, Stance, Posture (GASP)) and you’ll be on your way. Everyone’s been there. We’ve all been been beginners and we all strive to improve. Make sure you communicate with your pro. If they’re not making sense, say so. We all learn differently so don’t be afraid to ask for a different approach.
    Have fun and keep us updated.
  5. SAnderson


    I had lessons when I was first started playing then had a gap of nearly 15 years of playing with an intermittent slice.

    When I finally decided I realised that I needed a few more lessons to sort it I was really nervous too.
    I had in my head that the pro would change everything and I’d have to ‘relearn’ how to play.

    Absolutely not the case. The pro was great and made me hit a few shots to warm up. Then distracted me with some chat and asked me to hit some more and asked me for my feedback on each shot to determine if it was a normal shot or fluke. (Don’t lie!)

    There will be things that he will see straight away but should try and help you with small tweaks and explain how it will effect your swing.

    If you’ve got a block of lessons, try and play / practice in between sessions so that any changes you make feel more normal.

    I’m a numbers guy so went to a pro with TrackMan so that I can compare if / how I am improving.

    Just go to the lessons with an open mind and enjoy them. The nerves will go away fast and you’ll be striping it down the fairways soon enough
  6. Always been a big fan of lessons starting working with a new coach back in October and the difference in my game now is unbelievable. I was nervous when I went for my first lesson as I was apprehensive that he would think my swing was shocking but so long as you put the time in between the lessons to make the changes sit in and become natural you will be fine. Personally I'm a big fan of drills so my coach always tries to give me 2 drills to work on in between lessons plus it means my practice sessions are very focused
  7. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    I know how you feel buddy, my swing is all over the shop at the minute.
    I had a lesson on Monday after, the pro took a video of my swing and it’s so flat and I’m to put by about 8inches
    That’s how I’m duck hooking everything and struggling with bunkers, short game
    He’s gave me tips and pointers by they dont feel good lol
    Practice makes perfect and they say.
  8. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    You've spent money well....I bet there are very few who have genuinely fixed issues themselves as quickly as a lesson with a pro. We know what causes the poor shot, path, face at impact, angle of attack, etc and try to change that but it's the underlying cause of that is something the pro can see,

    My mantra now is no self fixes (or mates) it's back to basic and then a lesson.

  9. Tosh.


    Cheers guys I’ll let you know how it goes.

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