Taking your Tour bag to the range?

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By SAnderson

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  1. SAnderson


    Question for anyone who uses a tour size bag. Do you take it to your local driving range (not at a course) or would you take a smaller bag?

    I went to my local range with the premium stadry bag and the guy at the counter looked at me funny and asked if I had enough clubs...

    Granted it was bulky to carry on my shoulder but I never got any comments when I took my carry bag.

    I want to add that I took all my clubs as I wanted to update my club yardage book as I have been missing greens recently.

  2. Major jealous of your bag!
  3. Take no notice - It's your choice - No need to apologise or explain
    I generally take the hybrid 14 that's my usual bag at the minute. As a limited edition colour, it gets some comments. I use an original StaDry carry bag in winter so I don't attract any attention at all!
    I have an old StaDry cart bag, which I have often taken to the range without any comment.

    I have had comments about using iron covers - that's a personal choice and there is an element of old-school to the naked irons lobby - I'd rather have covers than dings in my Titleists!!

    If it helps, it could be worse - you could have one of those tasteless (Other Brands!) bags...
    PS - You could change Driving Range!!
  4. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    I wouldn’t worry about it to much, I use to work at a course with a range and seen many different bags come though the door to a tour bag which is just fine to a guy with a carry bag from Tesco’s with irons in to keep them dry lol.

    Funny story, I used the range last week at my local club and when I asked for a token for my balls the gentleman asked if I worked for Titleist because I had a Team Titleist stand bag.

    I just explained it was kindly Sent to my house by the brand as a free gift for I’m guessing to being faithful to the brand. His quote was like “ oh ! Wow ! They do that at Titleist ? “ I said yes and happily walked to my bay.

    So I would say rock up with your tour bag and do your thing! Happy golfing
  5. Jacko123


    I have a titleist stand bag and a tour bag. Sometime I leave the tour bag in the car from the weekend and take it to the range and sometimes I take the time to switch out to my classic titleist Sunday bag but I don't get hung up on it.
    Although... The guys who turn up with their tour bags and can barely hit the ball do make me chuckle sometimes!
  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    If I go to the range I'll take a stand bag with a couple of clubs in it. One of the local ranges politely asks for bags not to be taken to the bays even though they are large enough.

    Luckily I'm not a range addict.

  7. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I don’t (can’t) carry on the course so my bag of choice is the Midsize Tour Bag. For most range sessions I want to work through the bag so I take it. I’m not going to switch bags just for the range.
    Entirely up to the individual to choose what they take to the range.
    Mind you, if I got sent a TT bag I’m might make an exception and swap...
  8. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hi Team Titleist members,
    As perhaps you can see in my profile picture and on my socials I have the full size tour bag.
    Now many players will thank a tour bag is only for tour players. .. CORRECT (for 10%) the bag is designed for tour players to brand out bigger & larger. But also the tour players bringing more stuff with them like clothes, waterproofs etc.

    These days the tour bags are not for the tour players only, I see them popping up more frequently on any golf course. I love bringing my tour bag to the range. My bag is tournament ready as I like to call it. So enough of everything I need is inside there. Also bringing the the bag to the range gives me more space to carry clubs. I carry around almost 20 clubs in there. From wedge to drivers, just to see, try out or practice. If I go to a specific course I have all the shots and clubs I need for that round specific.

    I tried in the past with a training (pencil) back to put a few clubs in there. But I always have to place it down, damaging the club heads, make the bag dirty etc. so I got ride of that. The problem for me with Players 14 (standbags etc) is the zippers. The pockets aren't big enough for all the food and drinks I bring with me. Causing the zippers to break all the time for me. Another thing, and you may feel it cocky.... bringing the tour bag to the range will end up people looking at you and want to play with you. For me I like interaction with people and other players. Also my bag is branded (name printed on it incl. logo & website) so it's also a commercial side on it.
  9. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    I take my big bag all the time, I love it.
    I wouldn’t be without it!! ️‍♂️
  10. I think it might be a thing of, "who does yer man think he is with his tour bag"?

    I've heard it once or twice at a range actually.

    If you want to put you're sticks into a coal bag, what difference does it make?

    Nobody dies.
  11. SAnderson


    Went to a different range last night with the bag again and got a couple of people eyeing it up but more out of jealousy.

  12. Paul C

    Paul C

    I have the midsize tour bag so not quite as big but enough to get some looks. I play of 14 and an inconsistent at present through being unable to play regularly which probably gets peoples thinking all sorts. The way I look at is I like the bag so I bought it, I may want to try whichever club takes my fancy at any given moment so take the lot.
    I don't question others actions so why should I care to worry about what they think of mine.

    If they feel the need to comment they are either jealous of my stuff or sad but either way, I don't know them so they are not going to change my life or golf one bit so let them crack on.

    As for the guy in the range, I wonder if he'd have sold you the bag would he have felt the need to say something....my guess is not.

    Carry on doing what you want as other have said an happy golfing...Nice putter by the way :)

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