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By Andym076

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  1. Andym076


    Can anyone tell why titleist offer tensei blue & red as shaft options but not the orange? I'm trying to find orange 1 for my 3 wood

  2. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    I'd assume that there isn't the demand for a counterbalanced 3 wood shaft to warrant stocking it, but I could be wrong. Also worth differentiating between the 'standard' shafts that come as a no cost upcharge with woods, and the 'real deal' ones that are the same as what you'd get directly from the shaft manufacturer.

  3. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I believe you can get them as custom order, they show up in the catalog as an "exotic" so that means available with an up-charge. Not uncommon for Titleist, or any other manufacturer, to have some standard offerings where large quantities can be stocked and to special order those shafts that are not as common or have a significantly higher price point from the originator. If you really want the orange, contact your pro shop or Titleist distributor and have it ordered. Make sure you get a quote on the price differential. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  4. Andy,
    Dale's right - The procurement plan here is to optimise volumes and minimise the range. Bulk buying attracts better prices. The bigger the volume, the better the price the purchaser is able to achieve. This keeps down the cost of the product. This is Demand Management. If someone wants something outside the range offered, there's an extra charge as the volume discount isn't available from the supplier.

    Sorry if this sounds a bit like wikipedia but if you apply it to the shaft offerings, you can see why it is as it is with the Orange shaft up-charge. I could go down the rabbit hole of scale charges... but..


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