Players Double Canopy Umbrella

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By Ian K

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  1. Ian K

    Ian K
    Essex, United Kingdom

    Hi all.

    Anyone else had this issue with their umbrella. Been in the bag last few weeks and noticed in the boot today the end has snapped off.

    What the best course of action, for £50 would have expected to be a little better quality than this.

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  2. Ian,
    I've had problems with spokes breaking and cotton unravelling, only to be expected given the stresses of the elements, but the pointy bit usually lasts.
  3. Aaron


    Oh dear Ian not good. I would contact who you bought it from or shoot Titleist a message they will sure to sort that out for ya . Customer support is hands down the best
  4. Did it not hit of something?
  5. Must of been some brutal weather you got caught in
  6. Ian K

    Ian K
    Essex, United Kingdom

    Lol, the last few days have been brutal in the south. lol

    First Class Titleist Customer Service, the umbrella has been replaced.

    Thank you Titleist.

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