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By Richard P

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  1. Just a shout out to Tim Baker at Titleist, I had my first fitting a couple of weeks ago for a full bag. I wasn’t expecting how good he was at dialling in my new clubs, I was hitting my shots left occasionally and Tim knew exactly why and he started to play around with clubs and settings. You could see the ball move slowly towards the target I was aiming for until I was hitting every shot on target.

    The driving irons were swiftly set up and sorted followed by the rescue, which he already knew what settings and shafts I would need. This was followed by the driver which I had trouble with but eventually after going outside the range on a patch of grass, I could hit what he suggested properly and again it was exactly right. I was surprised I was in the T100 irons as wanted to T100’s but I was confident in what Tim suggested. They all arrive this week or next hopefully, all to fit in my new Jet black sta dry cart bag. Let’s hope I can hit them when they arrive haha.

    It was an amazing experience and fully recommend a full fitting and well done to Titleist.

  2. Great post Richard. Fitting for new Titleists is always a great experience and never fails to bring me joy. Spending time with an experienced and enthusiastic club fitter, you can't help but absorb information that you wouldn't get from any other source. It's also a bit of a shock just how much of a buzz the fitter gets from dialling in the set with you.
    I have to say, that's a fabulous choice of bag too - seems to be a firm favourite on this site at present. Will set off the new bats a treat.
    Bet you can't wait - Enjoy them when they arrive.

  3. A whole new bag of Titleist clubs except the putter as didn’t fancy a scotty but decided on the Evnroll 2.2 which is amazing. He was as happy as me to get the settings right and I felt that he made every effort to make me feel comfortable hitting the clubs.

    I don’t think any other golf company gives customers that kind of experience and quality for free. It does seem to be the bag of choice lately on here but they don’t stay on stock long. The OCD in me just bought the matching head covers too which was expensive but to finish of the bag nicely. I’d driven all the way to Bristol but now he is around a mile from my house tomorrow, But it was a nice drive and a stunning hot day and hardly a breath of wind out there. It was am amazing day I will never forget and thank you Titleist.

    I’m currently 43 and my wife has promised when I’m 50 I can go to the Titleist performance institute in California I think It is for the epic experience and a fitting at a whole new level. Am I 50 yet haha?

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