Putter Fitting (What's Your Experience?) Part 2

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  1. I recently posted, musing about having the right putter and asking about fitting. I threatened to do something about it... and I have. Today I went to Fore Golf Chester, my local Titleist Advanced Fitting Partner, and had a putter fitting session with Lewis and it was absolutely fabulous. Went through the basics of my stroke, straightening out my alignment on the way, and then reviewed my putters. Decided that Face Balance was not for me, that I was more confident in aim and accuracy with mallets rather than blades and that I benefitted from a bit more toe hang. I also had better feel and response with a milled face rather than an insert. Putter length of 33.5 or 34 was fine for a mighty atom like me. While I loved the looks of the Del Mar, I also was enamoured with the one that had the best feel and fit was... the Special Select Flowback 5.5. You can guess the rest!! Big thanks to Lewis for this time and expertise and all the staff at Fore Golf who look after me brilliantly. JT

  2. Just had a brief fitting a few weeks agoon SAM Puttlab. I was advised to stay with my futura 5w. I was a bit yippy on the short putts and might benefit from a bit more toe hang but really need to work on the more technical aspects so I got a few drills to do for those pesky 4 footers.

    At the end of the season then he advised me to try a flowback 5 as I lke the shape of it and it gives me that bit more flow that I need.

    Overall I was happy what I was advised.
  3. RK
    My putting issue was similar - Getting the ball up to the hole reasonably well but not knocking in the short putts.
    I thought my stroke was back & through but it wasn't and the toe hang was key. That, and getting my geometry right, seems to have banished my apprehension on the short stabs.
    The Flowback 5.5 seems ideal for me (it seemed more forgiving than the Del Mar) and I'm very comfortable with it already.

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