First golf of 2021 - Cold, wet and average at best

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By AJP1965

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  1. Played my first golf of 2021 - actual temp was 2C, raining, wind that moved it to “feels like” -2C per weather app. Funnily enough, my two courses, having been almost fully booked, had no one apart from me playing. It was me, green staff (and now I better appreciate what their job can be), some dog walkers and a lot of magpies. Finally as I teed off 17, I saw a pair of golfers staring the first of our new course.

    The golf was pretty average with a number of doubles and a single birdie but the main test was of my new Titleist winter mittens - very effective until the 6th at which point the water was through my wet weather gloves so my finger tips were getting cold despite use of the mittens between shots. At that point, and with the rain pouring, I did consider playing the 12th tee instead of the 7th but instead also got out my new USB handwarmer. A combo of the handwarmer, being switched each hole in one or other of the mittens, made all the difference!

    Pleased to have played and kept the ball I started with - as well as demonstrated the benefit of Galvin waterproofs!

    Happy golfing for 2021.

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  2. AJP
    With the lockdown re-imposed, it might be your last chance to enjoy yourself until the sun comes back again!!!
    On the plus side, your wet gear might be dry by then...
  3. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    One of the lucky ones My course was flooded and now gone into lockdown

    Tho I wanted to ask... with golf courses closed, looks set to be 4/6 weeks before re-opening what our your clubs doing regarding fees ?

    I’m on a 12 month DD and due to all the lockdowns I’ve paid well over £900 so far and not got much golf in.

    My club have told me well unfortunately we never saw Co-Vid coming and you have to still pay your fees...

    I understand it’s a business and it needs to stay afloat so I understand that, do you think a agreement should or have been spoke about between member and club?

    See for some people money is tight , for others money isn’t a issue, how do you look at it ?


  4. I pay annually up front so for me is a sunk cost and then up to me to make the most of it. I have lost my job recently but wouldn’t want to make the club suffer when most of their costs are fixed with a massive loss of income from green fees, societies, etc thankfully furlough has helped.

    The fact most have been working more flexibly from home has probably resulted in many golfers playing a lot more across the week than previously when golf was mostly just weekends ie I expect many will gave played more golf when the clubs were open. Hopefully there remains enough demand to keep our clubs in business - otherwise we risk course closures and longer term that will lead to higher fees with smaller supply.

  5. AJP
    Paradoxically, our club has come through the pandemic in a decent financial state. Though bar and catering profits have dried up, we made on green fees and new membership. Green Staff have been kept on and without us members getting in the way, have completed the winter planned work programme already. Overheads are well below normal levels. As this is all budgeted, we have a surplus against budget. As a bonus, a couple of members have repainted the clubhouse inside and out while nobody's around.
  6. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Likewise got out for a bitterly cold round on Monday at 8:40. arrived at 8:00 to find cars in the car park but no one around so checked in and teed off early. Have been getting up at 6:45 to book tee times 2 weeks in advance as our course had times from 07:30 for members and holds some back for pay-and-play, so seeing no one out there makes you mad. I bet the no shows are now regretting getting a last round in before lockdown.

    It filled up later with the visitors and the good thing was we were round in just over 3 hours. The easterly wind made the course a bit more interesting as one of its defences can be a challenging SW wind.

    I don't what the situation will be with membership fees for 2021 as they are not due until March but hopefully no increase.

    Lets hope we get out of Lockdown soon and the whole of the UK can get back to playing golf and perhaps a Team Titleist day later in the year.

    Keep safe everyone and at least this lockdown is during the cold and wet months so courses should be in good condition when we return.

  7. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    I’m fortunate, I pay up front but I pay into a little account each month so I’ve got me fees monies ready and a few quid for gear and days away. My problem was I only got one Saturday off in 6 weeks and I often thought I should go country member. I changed my job and now I’ve got 3 out of 4 and we were lockdown.

    This can’t last for ever then we will all get back out on the course.
  8. Tosh.


    Out for nine......and good to see the guys putting in a new green side bunker........I’ll be in that a lot.....cheers lads.
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