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By RTedder

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  1. Good morning I’ve recently returned to golf after a decade or so only playing once a year. Currently working on putting cards in for handicap but was off 13 previously. In the bag I have 735cm irons and a 905 driver both of which are 15 years old now so my question is what’s the new like for like replacement as I really like the bag set up and don’t want to change set up all help/ advice greatly received

  2. RT
    Can I suggest that things have changed quite a bit since you last entered the market?
    There are Titleist clubs to fit all skillsets and preferences and the option to mix ranges to suit individual requirements. In normal times, Titleist run a range of events, at locations across the country, where you can get your hands on the full range of Titleist clubs and test them. Additionally, there are National Fitting Centres, or you can go to Advanced Fitting Partners and Fitting Partners to get a fitting.
    If you go to the "Fitting" header at the top of the page, the various options are expanded.
    See what you think before just buying new versions of what you have...
    Let us know how you go on...
  3. JT

    Thank you so much your your reply I like the sound of going to an event and getting hands on the clubs it might help me understand some of the changes as back in the day before launch angles and spins speeds chiding clubs seemed easy.
    Although my local range has a ball tracker so I’m starting to understand that a little better.

    Will let you know how I get on

  4. Hi, if you’re looking for irons I’d definitely suggest getting fitted! I suppose it all depends on your budget, and whether you’d be going new or second hand. There are a lot of decent sticks out there atm
  5. Hi that’s a very good point I’d love to be able to go all in and get a full new bag driver irons and wedges but I think somebody at home will be watching the finances lol. And I’m so glad my son (11 tomorrow) has really go into golf and caught me looking at vokeys the other day and asked if he could have some so guess this season could be pricey
  6. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    As others have said when we get out of lockdown I'd go to one of the Titleist events on a Thursday at various locations throughout the country. You can have a play with different clubs and various shafts etc.

    You'll then get a feel for the sort of things you like the look of/perform for you before booking yourself in for a proper fitting. My experience with the Titleist fitting guys has been excellent and they won't 'force' you into anything but you'll certainly know what works best for you.

    Then it's just how deep are your pockets, the range and quality of the Titleist equipment is excellent, you won't be disappointed.

    I had 735CM's and a 905R driver, the new gear is light year's away!!

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