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By Martin D

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  1. Martin D

    Martin D

    It is currently the closed season and not much golf being played. I am considering upgrading my clubs, currently using TM M3 driver with rocketbladez irons 4-SW and cleveland wedges 50/55/60 no hybrids as i cant seem to get along with them although i could chnge my mind. My question is should i have some lessons(currently of 18) prior to getting fitted for clubs or should i get fitted for the clubs and then get lessons. I have narrowed down to 2 makes Titleist or my current TM(familiarity v Recommendation) and both have fitting centres nearby. Cragielaw(Titleist) and Linlithgow for TM. I also have SGGT who are an indy and will custom build whatever you want(£££). I was heartily recommended the Titleist centre by a mate at the club who said it was a great experience. So in summary TM, Titleist or Indy and lessons before or after fitting.

  2. Personally I’d suggest the lessons first - no point in getting fitted for a set of clubs based on one swing, then have lessons that change it to another that would have resulted in a different club/shaft recommendation.

    The only certainty is that you should be going for Titleist!
  3. Hi Martin,

    I’d look to get a few lessons under your belt before getting a fitting. Get to a place where you’re comfortable with how you’re swinging (even if it’s not perfect) - your pro may even spot swing tendencies that stem from your current club set up. 100% go with Titleist too

    Nothing worse turning up for a fitting and slapping it down the range...

  4. Martin,
    If it were me, I would get new clubs and work from there - otherwise the re-fit will be put off indefinitely. There's no reason to believe your swing would change beyond recognition... unless you intend to remodel the whole thing!
    I would also tend to consider "blending" long irons from one range, with short irons from the adjacent range. Titleist models lend themselves to such Combination sets and you get the best of both ranges.

    Your mate is right - the Titleist fitting experience is brilliant. You have to go through it to appreciate how good it is. The fitter is (well, in my experience!) usually as enthusiastic about the fitting as you are!

    Let us know how you go on...
  5. Martin D

    Martin D

    Thx all i will let you all know how it goes. Unfortunately in the current environment it cannot go ahead so have plenty of time to plan(and save for new clubs)

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