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By Gaaary

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  1. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    After being picked to test a bag for Titleist I was delighted to receive a prototype players stadry carry bag. It’s been tested in every weather over the year. I was due to go down for an interview and look around the facility plus a possible fitting session but COVID raised its ugly head, fortunately because of the situation I was told I was able to keep the bag. Instead I was interviewed over teams about the positives and negatives of the bag by David from Titleist. Looking at the new bags in the 2021 catalogue it looks like all the issues have been ironed out, I have my eye on the players 4 + stadry. I also received a lovely package in the post today.

    Thanks to Luke, David and everyone at Titleist for the opportunity.

    Regards Gaaary

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  2. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Lucky guy, I currently have three older bags this might be the year to think of buying.
  3. Well Done Gaaary,
    Good things apparently happen to good people....
  4. Padraig G

    Padraig G

    Very lucky to be chosen for any product testing. I checked out the Players 4+ Stadry and it is a very good looking bag.
    I am working on building a decent bag of clubs but I guess I’ll have to look at a decent bag now as well.
    With the fact that we can get 4 seasons in 1 day in Ireland, water resistance and lastibility are important!!
  5. Looks sweet I also did the bag testing and am looking forward to hopefully receiving some Team Titleist goodies in the post, and as you said with the added benefit of keeping the bag!!!

    Santa also bought me the stadry 15 cart bag.......................so How Lucky are we!!

    I had the Stadry players +4 stand bag which was awesome in the winter and wet conditions last year so that will possibly be put away by the time we are allowed back out on the course for the cart bag and then back out in October time

    I did manage to get to the Titleist HQ in St Ives in between lockdowns to try out the new TSi drivers and woods, the guys there are so easy going and cant do enough for you when I was there even with this damn COVID!!

    Great to be apart of TT

    Cheers everyone!!
  6. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    what a lovely gesture from TT!

  7. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    I was also lucky to be a bag tester. I tested the hybrid 5, which was lucky as I don't like 14 way tops and I usually trolley my midsize cart bag. So from December 2019 to early January 2020 I enjoyed the freedom of carrying again and not being restricted by winter trolley restrictions.

    Unfortunately one of the legs of my prototype bag came loose as the screw fell out so it went onto the trolley until lockdown 1 and the the delivery of the pre-production bag. This became my everyday bag except when I needed the protection of my StaDry and the odd occasion when the Midsize was used.

    I returned the prototype this to St Ives when I had my TSi fitting in October. Well I wasn't going to use it again.

    Great to receive the same goodies as Gaaary , especially the umbrella, and as you can see I'm lucky to already have bag tags on the midsize and StaDry so I'll be running a lottery on the Facebook group for the one received today.

    Once again thanks to Titleist for the opportunity and goodies, despite the comments from others at the club and society I'm proud to display the TT logo.

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  8. I have 6 titleist bags plan every time is to sell on an old bag or two to pay for the new one. Never really works out like that need a new cart or midsize bag. Will wait and see what feb brings. Promise to downsize the collection this year

    On a diff note. Love the new pro v. Can anyone remember? Is it around Fed for loyalty ball deal ? Ta in advance mick.
  9. ASheppard

    Worthing UK

    You are very lucky to have been chosen to test the carry bag
  10. Wow that’s absolutely amazing. Even though you didn’t get the full experience.. you got an experience non the less which is incredible .. and you got to keep the bag!

    I’m the big 3.0 this year so hopefully will be able to get myself a bag too and Titleist Stadry is top of that list.. it rains a lot in Ireland
  11. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I was lucky enough to be chosen for a first stage prototype testing a couple of years ago. The bag had a number of design issues with it, but these were easy to detail and I assume were part of the process to refine the finished article.
    My review period was well before Covid and I gave my feedback via a form submission and then a lengthy telephone conversation.
    I loved doing it and found it fascinating. The bag was returned to Titleist as I understand that they then carry out further testing.
    Great to know that they carry out such extensive research on products before putting them on the market.
  12. I had a lot of issues with my cart bag so decided to more away from Titleist and go with a different brand all together.

    So far super happy.
  13. James Harris

    James Harris
    Brentwood, Essex

    i was lucky enough to test one early 2019. Always good to see the feedback featured in the updated bags
  14. antony g

    antony g
    Leeds, uk

    nice work gaaary, im in need of a new bag this year, cant wait to see 2021 4+ players bags

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