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By Chris L

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  1. Can anybody tell me if you get your clubs built for you there and then, like miz offer for their equivalent experience, or do you order through your preferred supplier as per a normal fitting. Many thanks Chris

  2. Tony B

    Tony B
    Warwick, Warwickshire

    Its the latter as I understand it. Its a fitting only service.
  3. Tony B

    Tony B
    Warwick, Warwickshire

    Does anyone know if the U505 can be safely bent for loft and lie? Managed to pick up a great condition 2nd hand one and love it, but would ideally tweak it a degree or so upright and a little stronger to fit my gapping.
  4. Had all my irons flattened 1 degree from my u404 through to pitching wedge left my vokeys alone the is available on a stock order only on custom fit the Woburn experience is a step up when it comes to detail the facility helps everything and you also learn about kit. They do everything on site that your own equipment needs and will email the spec if new equipment is what is needed.
  5. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Hi Chris,

    As Tim has said, they’ll tweak clubs if required but it could be a case that the new gear you try will be a better fit for you.
    It’s a great experience, I was with Nick Drane who is a great fitter and good craic.
    He’ll email all specs you are fitted for.
    They don’t fit on the day as that would mean they would need to hold a lot of stock at the facility.

  6. Thanks very much folks
  7. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    I was extremely lucky to go to Woburn Performance centre yesterday.
    what a facility! the whole set up is tour level and beyond & Nick Drane was a superb fitter and great person.
    We went through every single club in the bag adjusting and tweaking the lofts and lies to get the perfect numbers.
    We tried a few different set ups in the woods and driver and was able to set my bag up perfectly without and doubts.
    the short game facility was great giving different areas, lies and bunkers to test bounces and grinds properly.
    If you ever get the chance I would highly recommend and proof yet again that Titleist is still the number 1 brand in golf.
  8. Brazeley

    Milton Keynes

    I have watched a number of videos where people have been to the Woburn Performance Centre (Peter Finch and Dan Hendrickson) - would love to pay as visit as very close to me to get all my Titleist gear checked for specs etc.

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