Winter Golf & Goals.

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By Simon Worsfold

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  1. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Evening all..

    Well it’s that time of year again we’re the nights are drawing in and the weather changes for the worse.

    Just wondering what everyone’s plans are for the winter?

    Are you putting the clubs away, do you plan on just practicing and keeping your swing in check, or continue to play full on though to the new season ?

    For my self I’m going to practice hard on the short game and try get in 2/3 hours a week in and around the greens and play a few rounds but mainly try and improve on the long game with the driver and try my best to keeping the ball on the fairway.

    I have been thinking of switching my Pro V to a AVX ball and see if there is any benefits playing it in the winter ?

    I’ve only played a few rounds with the AVX and have been impressed with the ball of the tee and hitting iron shots my biggest issue I found was the green side spin so we dabble with it and see how it pans out.

    I’ve just changed my wedges from SM8’S to SM9’s, as was fitted a few weeks back so need to get them dialled in.

    Look forward to hearing your winter goals or any plans you may have for the next few months.

    Happy winter golfing. ️‍♂️

  2. BLeith


    Hi Simon, I’m still fairly new to golf having only played for 2 years so I’m out on the course as much as I can. My course changes to a winter layout to preserve parts of the summer course, there’s 9 par 3s on the winter layout so quite good for short game. My goals over the winter is to find a bit more distance off the tee and also learn to hit my longer irons (4&5) I seem to push them and don’t see much point in hitting them as I usually end up in trouble. A goal of mine not just for winter is to get my handicap as low as I can (currently off 9)

    Keep the high balls low

  3. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Good luck with the Gaols pal. Keep us posted how your getting on.
  4. I managed to time buying in all new T150’s, TSR3 hybrids and Vokey wedges with the winter drawing in - but that won’t stop me. I will be out on range and hitting the short game a lot too - I struggle with chipping and putting so feels like the right place to be putting in the practice. Be interested to see what you think if the different ball, always been pro V1 player so be interesting to hear what you think of the AVX for the winter!
  5. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    Having a break from golf until the new year, the weather been so wet I’ve no desire to splash around in the mud on temporary greens, my golf course has been closed more than open the last couple of weeks so it’s not as if I’ve got much of a choice!
    I plan to spend a bit of time in the gym and stretching over the next month or so to get fit for the new year, then it’ll be practice, practice, practice with the odd lesson to ensure I’m going in the right direction.
  6. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    I've signed up to a winter league style competition at my home club, so my main goal is to make sure I make time to play in that and make the most of any half decent weather, if I can pick up a prize then that would be a bonus.

    In terms of my game, would like to improve my iron play as that's been such a weak spot for me over the last few yearss. Ever since I left my 714AP2s I've struggled (more down to me than the various replacements!).
  7. Stephen Allen

    Stephen Allen

    My goal over the winter is to get my short game at a stage where I’m not thinning or fatting my chip shots.

    I’ll get there with plenty of practice at the local range in Cumbria
  8. Hi Simon,

    My winter training has just started.

    I have been with my current coach for almost over a year now and have gotten my handicap down from 3.2 to 0.9 in the space of a year. The long game has come on a lot, and putting has improved but I am neglecting my chipping so the focus will be on that this winter. Yesterday I did my first gym session of the year as well as a speed session which I am hoping to reap the rewards of next year.

    I have played with the AXV for almost 2 years now, using the 2021 model and now using the 2023 model. I use it in both Summer and Winter. In both seasons I find the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, summer the spin helps so much, and in winter the low spin characteristics help keep the ball low in the wind. Overall, to replace it something else would need to be amazing.

    Happy golfing
  9. I haven’t tried the AVX, be interesting to give them a pop; see how well the roll along the ground when I top it compared the the Pro V1 :-)

    So easy to forget the short game when the range encourages us with top tracer games to hit full shots so much!
  10. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Interesting read on the AVX.

    Good luck with the winter golf tho.
  11. Evening Simon. Winter goals?
    Nothing special other than to play as many rounds as possible, we are lucky to be on chalk, so we aren’t closed that often.
    Ten of us have entered the Winter League at the Club and to date we are doing well - top of the league.
    So it would be great to win some silverware.
    Have a good one yourself……….Steve
  12. Wabinez

    Norfolk, UK

    Not many goals for the winter. I’ll probably have a couple of lessons as handicap has increased over the summer and it’s been a little annoying. Try and work on some short game, but really want to play as much as the weather lets me!
  13. Geraint I

    Geraint I

    Hi Simon, i have switched to winter bag set up - drop 3W & 5W and add 4W and 3H as course has moved to mats on all tees to protect main tees so all holes slightly shorter in winter.

    I keep my ProV throughout year as i prefer to minimise variables when putting and chipping - an area i have improved over the last cuple of years (less 3 putts).

    I have my lessons Nov to Jan and play at least twice a week on the couse (weather permitting) and a night at the range to work on my recent lesson. Also pop to gym to keep fitness level up in preperation for spring when i will be back to 4 rounds a week minimum - benefits of early retirement.

    Chester, UK

    My goal for golf this winter is to maybe buy a new club, in the range of about £20-40 (about $30-50 US dollars), go to the driving range a few times, maybe have a lesson or even better two lessons, and investigate the local municipal (public) golf courses, seeing as my usual one has closed.

    Getting outdoors is fantastic for physical and mental health so it's a good goal to have.
  15. Im just trying to get down to single figures.. 2 x range sessions a week and chipping and putting each weekend along with 9 or 18 holes.

    As it happened i went out yesterday and hit the best front 9 i ever have a my course so am seeing some benifit already
  16. Matthew O

    Matthew O

    Hi Simon

    Cool, idea for a thread!

    My golf has been rotten this year, never got anywhere near where I should have done and my handicap went up. I have booked up a package with our local Pro for 6 lessons, 6 indoor practice sessions and a playing lesson to finish the block off. My plan is to have one lesson a month (started last month), one indoor practice session a month, range during the weeks that I am not inside and then course every weekend. Plenty to work on. For some reason, my reliable fade has totally disappeared off the tee and I need to work on getting that back.

    I also need to get back into the gym. I am now dad bod all over and need to right that. Gym and HIIT training to get myself so a point where I feel like I am not going to break down whilst using The Stack is a huge goal for the winter.

    Other than that, it will be getting some proper work in with my new irons. I came to the realisation early in the season that I just wasn't getting enough out of my 2019 T100 and the combo of T150/T200 feels like it has righted some of my struggles.

    Good luck with your practice!!
  17. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Cheers Pal. Lessons are never a bad idea. Good luck Matthew.
  18. Andrew W

    Andrew W

    I'm hitting the range twice a week at the moment, this has to be the wettest Autumn I can remember!
    Currently working on shortening my swing, I tend to cross the line at the top of the backswing.
    I'm not quite there but it's getting shorter and my numbers and dispersion are improving.

    I'm just getting back into golf after 5 years of injury problems, I've had GCT Bone tumour removed from my left knee 3 times between April 2018 -Sept 2020 and have been rehabbing hard in the gym for 3 years with the odd round off golf here and there.

    I've need new irons for a few years but I'd put off buying them until I was 3 years tumour free, that moment came in September, I had the fitting and I got a split set of T200 4- 5i & T150 6-PW. I'm now hitting my 7 iron 170 yards (which has blown my mind), 7 iron with my old TM TP RAC was a 150 yards, which is now a 9 iron!

    I was a 9 handicap when I was younger and hoping to get back there next year from my current 15 handicap.

    Roll on Spring Time and that Masters theme music!

    In the meantime, Merry Christmas everyone and have a belter New Year!
  19. Rob H

    Rob H

    Winter League as usual for me and hoping to get to the range too. Weather has been awful so far and interfered with my plans somewhat. Will continue using the Pro v1x and don’t plan on any equipment changes.
  20. Robin Wells

    Robin Wells
    Kent UK

    clubs definitely staying out and I have set myself the goal of reaching 120 mph club bead speed, currently have upped from 107 to 114 , 116 is personal best but I want to consistently get 118-120 by April
  21. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    Our course is looking a bit squidgy after all the rain we’ve been having. I’ve been struggling to walk on some of the muddy ground and I also managed to slip on an icy patch during the cold snap we had the other week.
    One of my friends has stuffed his knee up by slipping at the driving range and now needs surgery, so my aim this winter is simple. To play as much as I can and to try to come out the other side without screwing my own bad knee up or doing something else stupid to myself.
  22. Peter CB

    Peter CB
    Bedfordshire, UK

    I think winter for me is a time of reflection. Recent life events have pushed golf way down my priority list and I feel like I’m not bothered about playing anymore; a sure sign that my own mental health isn’t in a great place.
    Having recently moved to the Somerset area, our most local courses are all pretty much permanently waterlogged at the moment anyway and are just muddy fields so not much of an incentive to get out and play or practice.
    I’m hoping 2024 is better but right now I have no love for the game. I have occasional flashes of enthusiasm but they feel easily dismissed and trivial.

  23. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Evening all,

    So here we are in February 2024 after what we may all agree has been a very wet winter!

    So the goals I set myself though out winter have been interesting to say the least.

    The long game with the Driver has been the best outcome, I never changed any settings on my TSi 3 Driver just had a few extra 30 min lessons with my pro Sam Sharpe at Peterborough Milton golf club and worked on a few swing changes which really benefitted me massively.

    Also one putting lesson again with Sam and one slight adjustment with my head has helped me for the better also.

    Short game has been 50/50 so I will be working on that a little more over the next 3 weeks or so.

    So the goal is still to get to single figures handicap and had my first round last week with a 84 on my Par 70 course with a 8 and a 7 on two par 4’s so work to do but will definitely be working hard to achieve my goal.

    Will keep you all posted on the outcome in the next few months.

    Enjoy your golf everyone.
  24. I had my left knee replaced on 7 Feb and currently have a very stiff, swollen and painful leg. My first challenge in the next month is to get to be able to straighten it again - then I will start thinking about golf again! I am currently trying to convince myself that this is like Grand Designs - I’m currently at the “what on earth have I done this for” stage but in a few months it will be forgotten and I benefit from the results.

    I do have my putter at home so perhaps the putting mat may get some usage in the interim.

  25. Gianni F

    Gianni F
    Brighton, UK

    My winter goal is simple....

    Get out and play as much as life allows!

    I work 9am-6pm through the week so can't really get practice in during the weekdays, until things get brighter, so I'm trying to cram in whatever golfing I can at the weekends. Typically a range session + a round.

    The rain and weather hasn't been too friendly down here in Sussex over the last few months so the conditions haven't been good. But, as long as the courses are open, I try to get out there.

    Loving the game so far, British wet/cold golf has been a good 80% of my golfing experience to date, so I'm very much looking forward to experiencing my first season of summer golf this year, can't wait!

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