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By PTemple

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  1. Has anyone herd any murmurs of Titleist running the 4 for 3 Loyalty Rewarded offers this year.

  2. Brian M

    Brian M
    Totnes, Devon

    The scheme opened in early April last year
  3. Rob H

    Rob H

    It was only open for a couple of weeks in April I think. Always great value though.
  4. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    I hope they do it with the free personalisation again. That was really good last time they did it. If people find balls with your name on they sometimes give them back to you #secondlife
  5. Our former Club Captain had personalised balls last year and if one was found the finder could claim a free drink in bar from him!
  6. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    I’ve no heard any updates yet,
    I’m sure some one form titleist will update us soon enough.
    I hope they do can’t wait to stock up on ammo lol ️‍♂️
  7. I'm seeing some noise in the US that there will be an offer running from 15th March until 29th March for the 4 for free, so hoping that means they'll do the same over here or it will be in early April.
  8. It's just went live in the US.
  9. Tim U

    Tim U

    Be nice to get a TT option?
  10. DASNAV

    Dartford, 0

    Hope so… The personalisation options needs to make a comeback…
  11. I was told yesterday could be as late as may,due to shipping delays
  12. I think I’ve seen an advert somewhere for this coming to the UK market soon? Totally agree it’s a great offer though!
  13. I’m sure I’ve seen this somewhere in the UK already?
  14. Gianni F

    Gianni F
    Brighton, UK

    I did see some posts mentioning it being live in the US on the TT Facebook group. Fingers crossed we see it in the UK in the near future.

    Will certainly stock up, particularly if personalisation is included, as Matt mentioned!
  15. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Will be jumping on this as I do every time it's run.
  16. It was live on their website over the weekend but you were unable to check out correctly. On Monday morning it had been taken down.
  17. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Rang my Pro Shop earlier and they've received an email from Titleist saying it's going live on April 11th.
  18. Robbo016

    Saunton & Glos.

    Martin H said:

    Rang my Pro Shop earlier and they've received an email from Titleist saying it's going live on April 11th.

    Yeah I heard the same though mine as well…
  19. Dave M

    Dave M

    Thanks for that, I stock up every year with the 4 for 3.
  20. Dave M

    Dave M

    Any further word or confirmation on this?
  21. I'm sure its now live - www.titleist.co.uk/loyalty-rewarded

    I also saw it on an email from my clubs pro shop out to members too
  22. Gianni F

    Gianni F
    Brighton, UK

    Good spot, great deal.

    It's a shame this isn't available on the TruFeel/Velocity balls for the higher handicap players that aren't quite ready to play the higher-end balls!
  23. Just took advantage of this great deal. Also a change of ball from Pro V1 to Pro V1x as it was suggested by Gary at a fitting that this ball would be better for me.
  24. Randasd

    Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

    Live as of the 11th, so today!
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