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By Will - Team Titleist UK

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  1. Hi Team Titleist, 

    We are excited to inform you of an update to our Local Fitting Events which can be booked via Titleist.co.uk.

    We are always looking for ways to enhance the experience for the golfer at our events and are happy to announce that at Local Fitting Events you will now have the option to purchase your clubs direct from Titleist after the fitting. 

    When you book an appointment at a Local Fitting Event, there will now be a nominal fee of £25 to secure your spot. This fee will be credited towards the total cost of any club purchases you make from Titleist after the fitting.

    At the end of the fitting, the Fitting Specialist will send on your club specifications should you wish to purchase from your chosen retailer. For those who do purchase direct from Titleist, your clubs will be shipped to your chosen delivery address.

    For those booked into one of our National Fitting Centres, you will also have the option to purchase your clubs direct from Titleist after the fitting.* 

    Click below to book your spot now at an event local to you. Please note we do not currently have any Local Fitting Events set up in Republic of Ireland, as we are recruiting for a Fitting Specialist in the area. We will let you know as soon as events are added.


    If you have any questions, post them below and we will answer them for you.



    *The £50 fitting fee for National Fitting Centre’s is not credited towards the cost of any club purchases.


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  2. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Thanks for the Info regarding Ireland.
  3. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Thanks Will, sounds good.
  4. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Hell yes ️‍♂️

    Dartford, 0

    I had a local fitting at a Golf course in Kent just prior to the new release of T150 last year. The fitter had a lack of shaft options in my flex / Length which was disappointing… only the std KBS, X100 and 6.5 Rifle. Nothing else in 3/4” or “1 long.
    I was hitting the T100s 7 yds shorter with 7i against my T200 and the fitter advised we make the clubs 2/3d stronger to counteract the loss of yardage..
    Wasn’t the outcome I hoped for…
  6. Afternoon DASNAV, hope you are well.

    The guys do have limited kit availability on the road, which is why we obviously have our fitting centres that carry a wider selection of shaft options. I think that what has happened here is that the fitter has worked with what they've got.

    Sorry that is was not the outcome you were looking for. Have you had to opportunity to look at a fitting at our National Fitting Centre in St Ives?
  7. Thanks Will

    i think a 5 wood is required :)
  8. Veryy interesting
  9. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Any updates on fitting events in Ireland? Thanks.

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