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  1. Evening all

    Does anyone know where I can buy some paint for TSi driver as I some chips /scuffs on crown of my driver? Really want to get it sorted so any help appreciated - image attached to see damage! Thank you TL

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  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Small gloss black enamel model paint at a craft store but the repair will still be noticeable depending on how good you are at application. Golf club repair shop if you want it done to where it is virtually unnoticeable.
  3. leslie h

    leslie h
    maidenhead, berkshire

    Just had the same problem. Touched mine in with a sharpie and then went over it with car wax polish. Not perfect, but much better. The fine point of the sharpie helps put the colour just where it is needed.
  4. coudnt get anything to give me a decent finish until i tried nail varnish!!! works a treat
  5. Brian M

    Brian M
    Totnes, Devon

    I've used Golf Paint inc products over the years

    They're expensive but always a good colour match. They last for years - or at least until Titleist change their colour scheme.

    Typically, I'm treating scratch marks on the crown so I use a very small brush (definitely not the one in the bottle) or even a toothpick to fill in the scratch. I try not to apply too much paint at once and build it up in layers if it's a deep scratch.

    I finish off with car paint restorer (T-Cut equivalent) and car polish.

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