SM6 w/PX 6.0

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By Gilbert R

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  1. Gilbert R

    Gilbert R
    Humble, TX

    Recently picked up a back up set of irons and the PW is showing quite a bit of wear. I was looking to replace with a SM6 but like to play same iron shaft throughout my bag. Is there any other way to order the wedge w/o having to purchase then send to Wedge Works after purchase? Or purchase shaft then have shop install?


  2. Can't you just order one through wedgeworks with the shaft you want. You can pretty much customise it to how you want.
  3. Gilbert R

    Gilbert R
    Humble, TX

    Not from what i've gathered. The only options I see are low K grind, high M, V grind, and raw, all starting at the $195 price point. I'm just looking for a 46* or 48* bent to 46* with a F grind.
  4. 46 F grind with 8 deg bounce shows up on the wedgeworks website. You may not be able to order it online but you should be able to buy it through a titleist distributor or pro shop.
  5. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    Hi Gilbert, not sure where you are but here in the UK we can order Vokey wedges with custom fit direct from Titleist online retailers, without too much delay, 10 days or thereabouts.
    Many at no cost upgrades, you just pick your wedge an then follow the drop-down menus to stipulate grip, shaft manufacturer type, flex, loft and lie, grip thickness, that should cover your requirements.
    Your local Titleist retailer or pro shop should be able to assist.

  6. Gilbert R

    Gilbert R
    Humble, TX

    Hm...must have somehow missed it.

    Thanks for the help guys! Hopefully looking to make this purchase within in the next month. Just have to thin the heard of clubs that are sitting around right now.

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