Wedge adjustments.

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By Bo K

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  1. Had my 52* sm6 bent to 50*, 54* was left standard and 58 bent to 59* by a master clubfitter to try to gap from my 45* standarf 716 T-MB pw. I feel as though the now 50* still plays closer to my 54* sm6. Any thoughts?



    If you feel they are still playing too close I would recommend a wedge fitting, possibly look at a 48 degree maybe bent 1 degree weak. initially depending on your distance gapping, I might just buy a new 52 degree wedge and drop the 54 degree. you would then have a 7 degree difference from your 45, 52, 59. Of course the distance gapping is key. just my 2 cents.

  3. mike roye

    mike roye
    Katy, TX

    Don't take this wrong but I think wedge fitting is WAY over rated. You can change the degrees on each club with your own hands as you play. No lie is perfect , no stance is perfect , players are not learning how to be shotmakers.
  4. Tyler K

    Tyler K
    Columbus, Oh

    Keep in mind also anytime you bend a club strong/weak it changes the bounce. Learned the hard way when I had my 50 degree bent to 48 to bridge the gap on my new AP3s. Club has totally different turf interaction now. Pairing that with the high spin nature of Vokeys, it doesn’t seem to work as well as bending normal 3-PW irons. Going to start fresh with SM7s next year hopefully and get a proper Titleist wedge fitting
  5. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Might also be the shaft flex, not just the loft. Fitting session would figure that out.

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