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By Pit Raymond

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  1. Pit Raymond

    Pit Raymond
    asbestos, QC

    Wich is the most common wedge to play on soft course S-F or other? I don’t have time to be fit!!!



    Typically the softer the course the more bounce you want. Go on vokey.com for more info.

  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Certainly it depends on your swing, but the K Grind is excellent in soft conditions. It's a monster out of bunkers too. F grind is also good for steeper swingers and soft conditions IMO.
  4. I play both the S and the M, I have a different grind for the different types of swings I take with each club (54S 58M). If you don't have time to get fitted, I would at least recommend you check out the description of each grind and try to fit that to your swing type.
  5. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    Depends on your swing. Best course of action would be to get fit. Since you emphatically have stated you don't have time to be fit visit www.titleist.com/.../sm6 and scroll down to the grind information, you will find your answer here.

  6. Dakota

    Johnson City, TN

    I live in Tennessee and I play two F Grind Vokey's and an M Grind and they seem to work for me. We have soft, firm and mid conditions throughout the year and they seem to work just fine for me.

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