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By David

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  1. David


    I’m loving my new vokey wedges, they seem to stick greens like crazy! Anybody have an idea of the spin rate for a proV with a vokey 54 or 56 wedge? I’m curious how it compares to a set wedge from the ap1 or ap3, anyone have some data or insights?

  2. on a 54/56 and with a full swing you should be seeing a spin rate of 10K with a Vokey wedge. I do not know about the AP's though. perhaps youtube reviewers that use similar technology to the Trackman can lend some insight.
  3. Rick D

    Rick D
    Weston, WI

    In my AP2 and Vokey wedge fitting we looked at shaft combinations that would give me drop and stop, not spin them back off the green. Shaft will have an impact on spin.
  4. That's gonna vary player to player... get some time on a launch monitor and know YOUR numbers.

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