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By Eli S

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    Hey guys I have been trying to stamp my wedges with a 40$ letter steel set I got and the stamp barely goes through. I can't figure out why and any help would be great. Thanks so much

  2. Chris Hatem

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    You hammer is likely too light, or you are not holding the wedge tight enough to restrict its motion. What type of hammer?
  3. David T
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

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    You need two things a 3lb hammer and a really solid piece of metal (anvil) to put the wedge on.
    It may not seem like it but you a moving quite a bit of metal to make a deep imprint.
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    Do I need a golf clamp?
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    How can I keep the wedge from moving?
  6. Mike H

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    Beyond what the others are saying of needing an anvil and a 3# or larger mallet hammer. I also use double sided tape to stop the wedge from shifting on the anvil and it takes a lot of force. Once you get an imprint I always hit it multiple times from all angles to make an even impression.

    It takes a lot of practice but looks really good when you have personalized SM6s
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    Is there a cheaper substitute for an anvil? Thanks
  8. Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

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    Try seeking a machine shop that might do it for you. Downside is, it is a small job and they might not do it....on the other hand they might do it for free since it is a small job and won't take much time. Good Luck?
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    Hi guys, chiming in regarding...
    Golf clubs are made out of Carbon Steel..
    Carbon hardens the steel, during the air cooling process.
    I say, hardness raises to 58/60 on the Rockwell C scale.

    Your not stamping that with a hammer.. Take it into a machine (CNC) shop as suggested above. FYI, CNC shop will use a ball nose "Carbide Tip", High Speed Cutter, end-mill.. Hope it helps..
  10. David T
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

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    Umm no - a casting like this might be high-30's to low 40's on the "C" scale. With the proper tools hand stamping shouldn't be too difficult.
  11. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    I do my own stamping/painting quite often, just tinkering. It also depends on the stamps you have, I'm on set #3. And we're not talking the $20 sets on Amazon or your local cheap tool shop. You need a VERY stable work station, or vise. I use a steel plate table in our shop with the wedge head directly over a table leg. I also use a safety eyeglass set with a cheater lens in it, for precision. If you don't get the imprint you desire, you MUST re-align the stamp perfectly before re-striking, and re-check between strikes....You need good stamps, and ALOT more energy on your strike than most would believe.....

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