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By Adrian M

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    Can anyone advise which club best matches the 58-9 S grind SM4 wedge. The latest versions are stronger lofted S grind or weaker lofted M grind.

    I am also confused on what lifts to get follow a purchase of the AP3 irons. The wedge in the set is 48 which leaves a different gaping to the 54 and 58 vokey I have. Any advice


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    Adrian, the new SM7 you would looking at a 58 degree S grind again.

    The S and M grinds aren't necessarily weaker lofted, the grinds signify the angle at which the leading edge goes into the ground or bounce. Currently you have a 9 degree bounce on your SM4. If your more of a digger you will benefit from more bounce in your wedges whereas if you are more of a sweeper you will benefit from less bounce.

    I would recommend a wedge fitting. I did one last fall and was surprised by the results. They check length and lie first off, then you hit off one those metal plates (sorry guys can't remember the name of it) and put tape on the bottom to see where your club is hitting. That will give them a better idea on if you need more or less bounce. Also they have you hit your current wedges to create a benchmark. Then they check your divots, too much less bounce is tried, too little more bounce is tried.

    Distance gapping is also important, so if you are looking to buy new irons, I might suggest doing that first then fill in the gaps with your wedges. You might need a 52 degree instead of a 54, not sure. Hopefully I didn't confuse you too much.

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    They make a 58-10 S. Also, I would recommend 52, 58. I use it and I find no issues.
  4. Chris92009
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    You can have any new wedge bent to match your specs...obviously the bounce will be slightly affected.

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