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By Mark S

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  1. Mark S

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    I have recently bought a set of ap2 718 with kbs tour 90 shafts what wedge shafts would compliment these in the vokey sm7 wedges

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    My fitter suggested that I get the same shafts across wedges and Irons, it was a great move.
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    I was told to do the same; same shafts in my AP3 irons as well as my wedges. I can't wait to get the new SM7 wedges with those shaft; the pro said it will be March before they will be available. I am ordering the 54 and 58 degree.
  4. Frank D
    Madison, CT

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    KOgle I think you will love the new SM7 ( lucky me I have had a chance to test them) but if I may respectfully suggest get fitted for the right bounce along with the distance ( in your case looks like the pro likes the 54 & 58 - added piece to the puzzle but worth it ! good luck with the new wedges !
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  5. Trevor D
    Bragg Creek,

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    Having matched them to my set (C-Tapers) and tried a "wedge" shaft, I elected to stick with the wedge shafts - KBS 610. They feel perfect on the 3/4 shots. They're also a really cheap experiment.
  6. Daniel M
    knoxville, TN

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    I have Pro Modus 120's in my irons (AP3) and 130's in my wedges (SM6). I like the little extra weight. They've worked out really well.
  7. Kenneth C
    Bellevue, WA

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    Everyone has their own preference, but, for more of a full swing wedge - matching your irons works great. For less than full swings, some players prefer a slightly heavier shaft.
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    I have a lot of fitters tell me that for full shots like in my 50 degree wedge to use the same shaft as your irons to give the same feel as your pitching wedge. I do have wedge shafts in my 60 because I prefer the feel because I don't swing it over 75 percent.
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    So basically I'm just taking a guess cuz it's hard to suggest shafts without knowing anything about your game or what you may need to fit your game the best. So with that, yes staying with what you have in your set is a good choice. I'm playing the KBS HiREV wedge shafts that I like, also I heard other great things about the KBS 610 and their other wedge shaft lines.

    Regardless keep us updated!!
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    I think I will go with 3 wedges
    50 with a kbs tour 90 shaft
    54 and 58 with a kbs wedge shaft in them
  11. Nano

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    I have the KBS Tour 90 in my 5i-9i 716CBs. In my 46 degree SM5, I stepped up my shafts wight with a KBS Tour (about 10 grams more). Then I stepped it up again in my 50 degree SM5 to the KBS HiRev 2.0 (about 5 grams more). I then carry this through my 56 & 62 degree SM5s.

    All but the 62 I use for full shots. All 4 wedges are use for partial swings.

    Going with the same weight/shaft through all full shot clubs isn't a bad idea.

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