Vokey Fitting Master Class !

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By Frank D

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  1. Frank D

    Frank D
    Madison, CT

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    Lucky me to have an opportunity to experience wedge fitting the right way ! Along with learning about the what and the why behind the new SM7 wedges during a terrific Vokey Wedge event at TPI we were fitted the right way to the new wedges. Encouraged to look at not just adding a new wedge to the bag but rather adding the right wedges to ramp up scoring opportunities. The fitter took the time to make sure each wedge was right for the distance but also the bounce was right for the type of shots I would most likely use that club/distance combo for - what a difference from just taking one "off the rack" The formula includes both distance, bounce and turf conditions - run that one through and combine it with the sweet feeling new SM7's and wow !! I was really surprised that the recommendations included different bounce options but understand why given the fitting. Can't wait for the season to start with new confidence. Highly recommend taking a look at the new SM7's - get the right fitting , right number and right letter and have fun with all the new finishes as well- Thanks Vokey and Titleist !

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    Congrats! Good luck with your new setup.
  3. Rob R
    Chicago, IL

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    What a good experience. Good luck with your new wedge set up.

    Is that Search for Turf range in Del Mar? Good range and a great staff that works there.
  4. Frank D
    Madison, CT

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    Rob - good eye ! We are out here from Connecticut ( Grandkids !!) and this range has been a real bonus - love being able to hit off the grass !! Thanks
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    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your new toys!

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