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By Drew D

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  1. Drew D

    Drew D

    I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of black clubs, but these things are ridiculously good looking. I don’t have any yet...maybe next season. Was just wondering opinions of any TT’s out there that are currently gaming these. Likes? Dislikes?

  2. They look awesome but when I had my fitting a few weeks ago I decided to go with the chrome just because they look the same as my irons.

    I'm kind of sorry I didn't opt for them now but it's only a small thing really.
  3. Rob V

    Rob V
    Vancouver, WA

    I recently traded in my SM7 chrome wedges for SM7 jet black wedges (52, 56, and 60). I really like the wedges and love the jet black. they are just sick. I find the SM7's to be a little bit softer feeling than the SM6's. You will love them.

    Rob V
  4. Go for it Drew! Picked up a set (52, 56 & 60 degrees) a couple of weeks ago. The look great behind ball and inspire a lot of confidence approaching the green. Strongly recommend a fitting at one of the Titleist Days to optimize the specifications to your swing.
  5. Kyle J

    Kyle J

    The SM7’s jet black are sharp looking wedges! Have had them for a little over a month and love them, all blacked out looks awesome, and they perform very well like the SM6’s.
  6. Yea the jet black are so sleek looking wish it was an option for us left handed guys!

    Lafayette, LA

    Jet Blacks may have me moving from my Raw SM6's. Always love the darker wedges!

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