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By Evan H

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I have a few comments/questions that I think all of you would help with. First off, I play the 718 Titleist CB irons 3-PW with KBS c-taper x. I love them BTW. I also have 52,56,60 SM6 vokey wedges with stock shafts. I am looking to upgrade my shafts for the wedges.

    So question 1: Is it normal to continue the c-tapers into my wedges, but soften the flex a bit to S+ or S??

    Question 2: All my irons from my fitting are + 1/4 inch. So when I went to buy the 3 new c-taper shafts, the options were 8 iron which is 38 inches, or 9/pw that is 37.5..... So considering my other irons are +1/4 inch, should I go with the 8 iron shaft that is exactly +1/4 inch??

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