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  1. LG

    Irving, TX

    I’m sure this has been discussed in the past, but looking for advise on the M grind vs. S grind.. there’s a store w/ close outs on the SM6 Vokey’s & looking for a 52 & 56.. definitely not a digger by any means cuz I rarely leave a divot.. my club is medium as far as fairways & of course hard pan the colder it gets.. I’m thinking too much bounce isn’t the way to go so maybe 8 degrees in both wedges.. I’m an 11 handicap (not sure that matters much), but wondering is the M grind is more of a better players wedge, or would I be ok with it in the 56? Or is the S grind a better fit at 10 degrees of bounce? Thx all for any advice or info u can provide on this very complicated subject.

  2. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    You will find a lot of different options try looking at older threads.
  3. Bax


    I am a sweeper, very little divot with my irons, 5 handicap. I like to open the face around the greens and up to 30 yards. I have thought many times that a M grind would be perfect, but every time I tested them on the course, the 54 S grind always won out. I hit a lot of full shots with this wedge and works great out of sand.

    I use my 58 L grind around the green all the time, square face, open face, etc. it gets through green side rough much easier than the M grind which doesn’t make sense because of the lower bounce, but works great for me. I have used a low bounce lob for 20 years when I started this game and just comfortable with it. I can really open it up, even in green side bunkers with with very little green to work with.

    Best to try both of them on the course, my fitter went with me on the course to try different shot with both grinds, it put my mind at ease. Good luck!!
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The link below should answer your questions better than we can........I play the 56.10 S grind, and I am a picker also.....a great all purpose wedge......recommended to me by the Titleist reps in my area that I work with......has worked great for me....cheers, Chuck
  5. LG

    Irving, TX

    Thx folks.. winded up going w/ 52.08 F grind & 56.10 S grind in jet black.. believe it’ll be the perfect fit for me.. will let y’all know how it goes

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