Will Vokey release a Milled Wedge?

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By Nicholas_Baca

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  1. I love Vokey Wedges and game 3 of the raw version SM7's.

    Will there ever be a time when Vokey releases a 100% milled wedge line-up?

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The cast wedges have milled faces. If you're asking for forged wedges, not likely. Vokey has been consistent that the cast wedges don't give up anything to a forged wedge, that would cost more. Even the pro's use the cast Vokey wedges.
  3. storm319

    Inver Grove Heights, MN

    With exception to PXG, no one mills wedges from a single block (increases production time, cost, and material waste). Any other wedges you see marketed as milled are cast or forged into the initial shape and then skim milled to remove additional material or provide face texture.

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