New to WedgeWorks: 60 Degree T Grind in Slate Blue

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By Abby L.

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  1. Abby L.

    Abby L.
    Providence, RI

    Hey Team Titleist! 

    Did you see what launched on Vokey Design Wedge's WedgeWorks this week? A limited edition 60° T Grind in a brand new Slate Blue finish - and all I can say is wow. Doesn't it look amazing? 

    The limited edition 60° T Grind comes directly from Bob's early days on tour and is as relevant on today's tours as it ever was. This low bounce wedge was incredibly popular at this year's Open Championship to help players face the firm fast conditions at Carnoustie - including Charley Hoffman and Cam Smith

    The 60° T Grind is a great low-bounce option for players with a shallow attack angle playing in firm conditions. This dual-bounce sole features narrow, forward bounce to help with square-face shots and trailing edge relief to help create a gliding sensation. Similar to the L Grind, the T Grind is a low-bounce option, but the T Grind's dual-bounce sole allows the wedge to sit closer to the ground, making it easier to get the leading edge under the ball and promoting lift. 

    Interested in adding these to your setup? Head over to WedgeWorks where you can also customize the limited edition 60° T Grind with personalized stampings, toe engravings and more. 


    Team Titleist Staff 

  2. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    They look too amazing to get dirty with my swing. Lol
  3. Thanks for the reference Abby, that is a good looking wedge. Think I will jump over to SC WW to check out its specs. All the best!
  4. Hi Abby,

    What is the bounce on these 4 deg or 6 deg? They look great.

    Anything else in the pipeline, I'm looking at getting a 50 Wedge next year (I'm away overseas for a few more months) to fit betqween my 47 deg C16 W and my 54.10 SM6 and would like something a bit special.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Betcha they'd even look better in LH...


    I'M IN!!!
  7. Michael N

    Michael N

    I *LOVE* these!
  8. Mark F

    Mark F
    sedona, AZ

    Not sure about that idea of promoting lift.... we hit down on good wedge shots???? Like the blue though... I'm sure chuckie does not try to lift his chip shots!
    Post Image
  9. WAYNE S

    Seabrook Tx

    Hey Abbey

    I play some old Titleist irons 695 MB's but have used all kind of wedges. Can I get these in a 55 and 59 degree and what would the lofts be. I am looking to up date my irons where the GW is 51 degrees and want to make the gaps consistent. So I was thinking of getting a 55 and 59 degree wedge in these black wedges. My local golf store say they cant be bent because they are cast.
  10. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Got an email yesterday and was ready about it. A thing of beauty. Thanks for the reminder. I gave up on 60* wedges a few years ago. We go divorced. =)
  11. Bill  V

    Bill V
    Colorado Springs, CO

    Got mine ordered. I play in some of the firmest fastest conditions in the US at Ballyneal in NE Colorado. One of my other home away from home locations is Prairie Dunes in Kansas, and is also firm and fast around the greens. Excited to see how this performs under those extreme conditions!

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