By Diran K

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  1. Diran K

    Diran K
    Novi, MI

    I take very little if no divot at all. I'm purchasing a Vokey SM6 Wedge tomorrow. Is the F grind a safe bet, or is the S gring better? I have a shallow swing and am trying to get the ball in the air. I'm looking at a 54 degree wedge.


  2. I can't notice the different grinds, but the bounce is critical.
  3. Dirin, sorry if this is late, but Mr. Vokey would probably suggest a lower bounce if you're a sweeper (shallow through the ball) and play on firmer turf conditions with firmer or packed sand in the bunkers. More bounce will help a digger (steep through the ball) or if you play on wetter courses with softer turf and/or fluffier sand in the bunkers. Good luck. Let us know how you make out.
  4. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    54-10S is a good all around choice. 54-14F is more of a digger shot. 54-08M is a nice universal grind: you can play in soft turf and hard alike; all you do is play more of a digging shot back in the stance on hard lies. I play a 56-08M as a sand wedge and I play it everywhere.

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