How Jet Black SM7’s age like a fine wine

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By Darrin K

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  1. Been playing these jet black SM7’s for just a little under a year. Yes, there is some wear and tear, but I use them a lot. That’s the point of having them isn’t it? I clean them after every shot and every round. They have a nice used look while maintaining a sinister edge. When I pull one of these out against a competitor I want them to think, “Damn, those are sweet clubs, and this guy knows how to use them.”

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  2. Damn, those are sweet clubs, and this guy knows how to use them!!

    Love them.. looking to buy them as my wedge set. Thanks for posting
  3. Thanks man. I know when I was contemplating buying black wedges I was curious how they would hold up, so I wanted other people who were thinking of buying them to see that they hold up just fine. Happy hunting!
  4. Battle scars.. enjoy them
  5. Scott P

    Scott P
    Annapolis, MD

    Love the black finish, and will only buy that from now on... the wear is a nice bonus. The glare from chrome is actually real to me, and I can't deal with it having tried black... wanted raw but couldn't justify the upcharge
  6. Just got my 54 and 58 degree ones in time for the weekend shot a best round 84 first time out with them. Love the feel.
  7. Mine have not worn quite as well, my 50 for what ever reason has worn much quicker than the 54 and 60

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