Lead weight added to 60* M grind

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By RRichmond

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  1. I played around with adding lead tape to the rear, both low and high, of my SM7 60’ M grind. I found that I had a much easier time opening the face on a tight lie and getting it to stop quick with the added weight towards the top.

    Is this success coincidence? Is there an explanation? Are there any issues, other than swing weight, that the added weight would effect.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Other issues? Just lead poisoning. Don't lick your fingers. Seriously though, my days as a marshal at Colonial gave me a chance to sneak a peek into many a pro bag and there are a lot of irons and wedges with lead tape added. Nothing wrong with a little weight adjustment to get the right feel and flight, especially in your wedges. Your description of adding weight to the top is also creating weight furthest behind the center of gravity so that's why it is helping you open the blade. That location is also above the center so expect lower ball flight on full shots.

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