Graphite Shafts for Vokey Wedges?

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By Paul B

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  1. I have been playing with my same set of irons & wedges for many years now and way overdue for a change...My current set of irons are graphite shaft & my wedges are steel shaft...I have gotten fitted and I am going to be getting the T 300 Titleist irons with a graphite shafts and so it started me thinking why not get my new Vokey Wedges in graphite shafts as well...I wanted to ask if any of my fellow team Titleist members have had graphite shafts in their wedges or team Titleist staff have as well...would appreciate hearing how that has worked out for them...the plus or minus on doing so....Thanks so much for your input. Paul

  2. Madhatter


    I was fitted at a Titleist Thursday a few monts ago, the fitter reccomended I go with an "A" shaft in my AP1 irons, since then I have converted my TS2 Driver, TS2 fairway woods and SM7 Vokey wedges as well, all positive so far I just have to remember not to swing too hard.

  3. I’ve played graphite shafts in my irons for over 20 years and always put the same shaft in my irons & wedges.
  4. I play UST Recoil 95 Protos in my 718CB/MB's and the Recoil Wedge Protos in my 47*,52*,58* Vokey's. I Couldn't be happier. If your going with graphite in your T 300's I would definitely put them in your wedges. Good luck
  5. Thank you to my fellow Team Titleist members for your input...I have read everything that you have taken the time to say...I appreciate it very much....Just another example of how great it is to be a part of the Team Titleist forum!
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Builds consistency......I play with regular steel.....95g.....

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