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How many ?

andy r

I was just wondering how many wedges people are carrying in their bags? I am carrying a 52*, 56* and a 60*, all Vokey's of course.

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  1. Shaun M

    4 wedges for me. The same 3 Vokey's, as well as my 712 AP2 PW.
  2. Darryl M

    I have AP1 716's with a 43, 47 & 52 then a Vokey 56. I chose to keep the 52 in the AP1 for now as I can hit most shots around the green I want to hit with my 56. In the past I still carried 4 wedges that were a 45 712 AP1 & then 3 Vokey SM4's 50, 54, 58.
  3. Dale V

    I have a 50, 54 (bent to 55) and a 60. With stronger lofts on most modern iron sets its hard not to go with 3 wedges.
  4. Chuck Z

    716AP1 PW, W, W52, & SM6 56.10.
  5. Michael O

    Vokey SM7's 50, 54 (Bent to 55) and 60
  6. Blake v


    I use 4-PW 718 AP1s, 48.8/52.8/56.12/60.10. I have foregone the approach wedge that comes with the iron set to carry a 48-degree Vokey. So technically I carry 4 wedges, but in actuality, it's three wedges and an approach wedge

  7. Eric S

    4 wedges, 46, 52, 56, 60. All vokeys
  8. Joey L

    I opted for the SM7 46, and 50 rather then order the Ap2 versions. I also have SM7 54 and 58. So, I carry 4 wedges.
  9. Elson C

    Myne are 48, 52 and 56 all also vokeys
  10. John M

    In my regular bag 48 degree, 52 degree, 56 degree and 60 degree-all Vokey SM6
    In my Sunday bag 54 degree Vokey SM5
  11. Tom B

    SM6 steel grey..50F, 54S, 58L...Nippon modus 115 wedge shafts, love my wedges!!
  12. Scott D

    AP 3 Pitching wedge AP3 48 degree wedge Vokey SM7 54 degree and Vokey SM7 58 degree
  13. Rob W

    I carry 46* AP2 and 50,54,60 S7 vokeys
  14. Paul B

    I carry two Vokey wedges in my bag a 54 and a 58, in addition to the 48 gap wedge with my AP3s.
  15. Joseph M

    I prefer to carry two wedges, particularly due to lack of success with lob wedges, so I opted for the 50.08 Gap Wedge and the 54.14 as my sand wedge. These are a great progression from the AP1 46 degree pitching wedge. Also I have seen recommendations that for average swing speeds 2 wedges are sufficient and for high speed players 3 wedges is best- not sure of the reasoning.
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