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TMB Lie Angles

Hi all, i was wondering if its possible to adjust the lie angle on TMB irons. I have a TMB 2 and 4 iron and they're at least a degree too upright...

Club Fitting

Time for Order

Ordered a new set of 716 AP1 to replace previous. Upgraded steel shafts. How long till my Pro receives them in Toronto area...

Club Fitting


Would like to be sure of the correct shaft before I order a new 917 3 wood. I am age 70, some flexibility issue. Handicap...

Club Fitting

Titleist thursdays

Excited to have wedge and driver fittings this week.want to test the 917 driver and try different shafts for my 915 current...

Club Fitting

Driver dilemma...

I need some advice!! I got fitted throughout my bag, new 714 AP2's, SM6 wedges, two 816's hybrids and the driver and...

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