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Proper lofts!

last spring, I got my new AP2's. I'm a 1 handicap, so take this with a grain of salt, no everyone can and or should, but I thought I'd...

Club Fitting

Golf Club Fitting

I'm interested in making an appointment for a club fitting that's scheduled to be close to where I live at the end of...

Club Fitting

AP1 irons

Had a club fitting recently at Cragielaw, our club pro went with me, said it was the best fitting he’d ever seen, my fitter...

Club Fitting

Woods Fitting

Hi Ive been fitted for my AP2 716's Fitted for my Scotty About to get fitted for a set of Vokey's As far as my...

Club Fitting

718 AP2

Haven't purchased yet, but got fitted today for AP2 S300 Dyanmic Golf AMT White shafts. A goal is to hit the ball higher...

Club Fitting

Graphite Shafts.

I am 46 and suffering from c5 c6 issues in my neck leading to a sore or locked up shoulder. This limits my turn as I fatigue...

Club Fitting

917 driver

I am interested in buying a 917 Driver, what is the best shaft for me? I am 66yrs old, 5'6" and very strong....with...

Club Fitting


I had a fitting and AP3 with AMT Red gave the best ball flight over my 716 AP1 with KBS Tour, but I'm not really that...

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