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Wedge Shafts

Hey everyone, looking for some insight. I currently game Vokey gap, sand, and lob wedges. I was fitted into C-Taper Lite X-flex for a new set of...

Club Fitting

917 & 818 Weights

Hello Does anyone know if the weights are interchangeable on the 818 hybrid and 917F3. Looks like it fits but I don't...

Club Fitting


Hi I am 77 (very old) play to a 8, have 917 diver 16.5 wood and 21* 7 wood, all my clubs are R flex but my 7 wood, it is red...

Club Fitting

Golf Club Set

Hi all team Titleist I'm looking at upgrading my current Titleist Golf set ; looking at upgrading my irons to maybe sort...

Club Fitting

Need higher ball flight

I strayed from Titleist for the first time in 8 years. I bought the TM P790’s with C Taper Lite shafts. I find that I don’t...

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