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Club Fitting


I recently got fit for new Titleist AP3s. I however did not get fit for wedges. I got a 1.25 inch extension on my irons and I...

Club Fitting

Shaft suggestions

I've been play the proforce v2 96 gram tipped to between x and xx stiff on a 913 d3 7.5 turned down to 6.75 a1 setting...

Club Fitting

DG 105, 115, 120

When do you anticipate these shafts being available for 718 irons and wedges? Will there be an uncharge for these shafts?

Club Fitting

DG AMT X100 Shafts

I currently hit 712 AP2’s with DG X100 shafts. I generally hit the ball pretty high so I went in to a fitter to see if a...

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