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By Joey L

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  1. Joey L
    Chico, Ca

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    Went to TPI - Oceanside (2nd visit) and the Cameron Gallery for fittings in Mid October. Last year I was fitted for my driver, 3 wood and hybrid, but couldn't do the iron portion due to weather. So, this year I made up for it and got fitted and ordered my 718 AP2 irons and they are perfect. At the SC Gallery I went through the fitting process and I was relieved they didn't make me get rid of my old Studio Design 1.5.

    What a great experience the trip was and what great people and a beautiful facility TPI - Oceanside is. I recommend it for anyone who is considering it.

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  2. Todd T
    San Diego, CA

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    Congrats... Its nice being treated like the big boys!
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    Very nice! Congratulations on a productive visit and fitting.
  4. harry h
    Lasvegas, NV

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    If I had a bucket list that would be only one I would have !wow

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