Changing lofts on 716CB's

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By Jaco

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  1. Jaco


    I play 716CB AMT R300 shafts. Im losing distance as I am getting older... how will bending them to T-MB lofts affect the carateristics of the clubs. I usually hit the ball quite high. Anything I should be cautious of?

  2. Zangetsu


    Basicly bending the loft would effectifly change the flight hight, spin characteristics and overal distance.

    Look at it like hitting a 7 or 8 iron. Properly gapped they are 4/5 degrees apart however a 7 flies lower, spins less and goes further than an 8.
    Seeing as you have cb’s and they are easier to bend you could probably get within bumping each iron up a number.

    I would advise to let this be done by an experienced clubbuilder or atleast someone with the knowhow and experience.
  3. Adjusting the lofts 2* might affect the bounce/turf interaction. Changing shafts could get the ball flight your after.
  4. Just club up and don't associate the iron number w/ a target distance... associate it w/ the distance it goes. Time always wins...
  5. Joey L

    Joey L
    Foster City

    I’d just get a new set of clubs, not compromise the ones I already have. Those CB’s are beautiful clubs.
  6. George, as a Titleist fitter, I'll add my 2 cents worth. Before bending the CB's, I'd try some different shafts to bring the ball flight down some and add some distance. Re-shafting might be less expensive than buying a new set. You can try different shafts at a local club fitter or visit a Titleist Thursday in your area once they resume in the Fall. I would suggest trying KBS Tour 90(reg), KBS C-Taper(reg), Project X Pxi(5.5), or Project X Rifle(5.5). If all else fails, bending stronger 1-2 deg. shouldn't hurt the irons. Good luck.
  7. Nick D

    Nick D
    Long Beach

    I would bend them stronger first.... it's way less intrusive, less expensive and less time consuming than swapping out shafts. My current set of 716 cb I am playing at stock lofts but my previous set was a degree strong. I actually like them at stock loft for my gappings but if you're looking for more distance and lower flight, I would definitely try bending 2 degrees before tearing the shafts apart. They are soft enough, let a qualified club builder do it for you and go from there.

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