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By Matt R

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  1. Really love this AVX review, the author really helped put my thoughts into words. AVX helped me gain a bit of distance and lower my spin rate. Love the AVX!


  2. Fred Closs

    Fred Closs
    Mansfield, TX

    I love it, too. The problem is given all the ProV1's I just ordered, it will have to wait until next Spring.
  3. Zangetsu


    Great review, can’t wait to game it myself.

    Quite the spinner myself due to high ss, would love a more penetrating ballflight!
  4. Randall R

    Randall R
    Smithfield, NC

    Nice to see an outside confirmation of what a lot of us had been reporting for the last few months. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Kathy J

    Kathy J
    Portland, OR

    Great review on the AVX golf ball.
  6. Richard R

    Richard R
    Williamston, MI

    Played the new AVX today. Felt great off driver and stayed on line nicely. It does fly very high. Even for me...a high ball hitter. Great spin on bunker shots. I will definitely be playing this ball.
  7. richard e

    richard e
    tampa, FL

    I have played all on the New Titleist golf balls this year and for me the AVX is the best. I am 61 years old, 9 handicap. Believe the hype the AVX is exactly as advertised, above average distance, ball goes the furthest of any model. I am getting @ 20 extra yards on my tee ball. Shots to the green check up nicely. Played same ball for 2 rounds and it holds it color and form, no scratches or marks. Best of all it comes yellow. I don’t know why but I am hooked on yellow balls. They are priced comparable to the other premium balls but the performance is worth the extra cash.
  8. Found an AVX at the course and played a few holes. When I arrived home went online and purchased 3 dozen. Shot lowest round of the year last weekend, ball is incredibly straight off the tee and long, irons can be flighted for the shot I am attempting and its the best putting ball I have ever used. Great job Titleist
  9. I purchased this ball the day it arrived in my local GolfMart, Personally it’s the best ball I’ve ever played, Prov’s are great but this ball just stays the course- straight- I believe the dimples assist with that, my approach shots hit the green and the ball stays within 6” of my ball mark, and it feels great off the putter, I’ve handed out a few of these balls for friends to try, they ALL feel the same as I and we are all single digit players in our 60’s, If you ENJOY hitting the ball straight ? This is the one —- ENJOY
  10. And this baby is long as well
  11. Thomas W

    Thomas W
    Toivola, MI

    I didn't find the review consistent with my experience. I play the PV1x for about 10 years with the same irons. My distances and trajectories with the AVX were similar. The ball checked just like the 1x but there was a difference in cool weather performance and feel.

    The AVX is a lower compression ball, so it stays softer during colder weather rounds. And the ball feels softer than the PV1x in any kind of weather. Putt's come off the face well, but the sound is mildly muffled compared to the PV1x. I actually came to prefer the AVX, but by the time it was reborn (it was rumored to be a terminated product) I'd bought my PV1x supply for the year. Next year I'll make the switch.

    There's a lot of balls on the market, and I've tried to challenge the Titleist's upon occasion. I just can't find an upgrade. Great products.
  12. I have been playing the ProVx, then my club pro recommended I paying a round with the new AVX ball. This new ball is “Hot”! My yardage has improved and I am hitting more greens. This is the ball of the future. Thanks for making me feeling younger!
  13. Jeremy C

    Jeremy C
    Tallahassee, FL

    AVX is a great golf ball from tee to green. The sole drawback would be on the green as the AVX balls seem to be very soft off the putter.
  14. I am a 66 year old golf professional. I played the PGA TOUR in the late seventies and early eighties. I did a comparison of golf balls today. Due to knee problems I’ve lost a lot of distance the last five years. Normally I play the AVX and have since it became available here in Florida last fall. I loved the feel of the ball and felt I gained yardage and control off the driver. Today I wanted to compare the two balls.
    I played the Pro V1x on the front nine and the AVX on the back nine. There was no wind and the course was very wet so there was very little roll so yardage was almost entirely carry yardage. The driver holes on both nines were very equal. Here are the results. Front 9: ProV1x average drive 202.5 yards. Longest drive was 215. Shortest drive was 195. Fairways hit, 6 of 7. Front 9 greens hit, 5 of 9. Putts 14, two birdies. Front nine Score 36, even par. Back 9: AVX average drive 226 yards. Longest drive was 233. Shortest drive was 216. Fairways hit, 6 of 7. The one miss was on the sharp dogleg right finishing hole where I drove it through the fairway with the longest drive of 233. Back 9 greens hit, 8 of 9. Putts 16, two birdies. Back nine score 35.
    I proved to myself the AVX is still the best ball for me. I hit it longer, hit more greens and I love the feel of the ball. The ProV1x is a great ball, a ball I played for years until the AVX was released, but I love the AVX!
  15. Chris J

    Chris J
    Winter Haven, FL

    I have been through 9 balls of the dozen I bought. While a long time Pro V1 fan, I always went back to the B330 RX or new version as it seemed a little softer and longer, a little less spinny but still would bite good on wedge shots around the green. I think the AVX is the first ball I have tried which fits those characteristics and maybe a tad longer and flatter on landing off the driver. Will get my second dozen soon. I would like to see them in high numbers 5-8 though.
  16. I’ve been playing the AVX’s for about a month now and this is my results. I am 63 yrs old with a 93 mph driver speed. The AVX gives me about 10 yds more distance than a ProV with a driver and “almost” a club less with the irons. It has a lower trajectory for me and is very hard to fade or draw. It has a very penetrating flight into the wind and gives more roll when it hits the fairway. Probably not as good a feel around the greens and putting as a ProV, but better than any “distance” ball I’ve played. If you struggle with high slices or hooks, this ball will immediately help you due to its low spin characteristics. The difference is so, that I have to make adjustments on my M1 driver depending on whether I play an AVX or ProV. Wish it was not so expensive. Haven’t decided whether to make it my “ go to” or stay with the ProV. For my swing speed, it definitely out performs a Chrome Soft or a TP5.
  17. Bill S

    Bill S
    Scottsdale, AZ

    I bought a couple if sleeves this winter (I live in Mesa, AZ) and wasn't overly impressed in the cool weather. I took the last sleeve out this morning in stupid hot weather and they performed way better than I remembered. My dilemma now is I'm all stocked up on ProV1x balls and wouldn't want to see them all miss the summer. What to do, what to do. I guess it's a good dilemma to have.
  18. I started using the AVX as a prototype. My pro arranged for me to get a dozen. Since the first tee shot till the chip and putt on the green it became my go to ball. I think since I swing a little slower the ball makes up a little distance for me. But it shines close to the greens. Great chipping ball and love the way it putts. It’s the first ball I’ve ever noticed a difference in my game.
  19. I’ve played the avx for the 1st time and had back to back birdies for the 1st time ever. I also felt very comfortable with my chips around the green. Looks like I’ve found the right ball for my game.
  20. Bill G

    Bill G
    Richburg, SC

    I too like the new AVX. I love the yellow ball because I can see it better in the air and for some reason I see the line on the green better. Finally Titleist makes a premium yellow ball. I have gained a few yards, but like the performance around the green, and it putts great too.
  21. Zangetsu


    I love the AVX ball period, the feel is amazing flight I great and spins plenty.

    The only concern I have is the ball seems to scuff easier than the pro v1/v1x.
    Might be that it bounced unluckely ons a small rock or so but had 3 balls seem kind of scuffed on last 18 I played while a pro v1 lasts me a good 27/36 rounds before I see any fade or scuffing.

    Might be unlucky bounces or so but i’ll keep an eye on it.

    Really hope they match up vs the pro v1 in durability. Because I want this to be my gamer ball!
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